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Check for "formatted disc Write operations" before Eject?

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One thing I just happened to come across randomly, but after testing it a few times, I've determine it does seem to be happening.  ImgBurn can eject a disc with the Eject command even when a "write operation" to a formatted disc as a giant floppy in File Explorer has not completed yet.



I don't know if there's a way to check for this before ejecting, but if there is, can it be added to ImgBurn?  The way I do it now, to be safe, I don't use ImgBurn's Eject command when a disc formatted as a giant floppy by File Explorer is in a drive.  I use File Explorer's Context Menu Eject command.  If the write operation hasn't been completed yet, File Explorer won't eject the disc.




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Sorry, it’s not something I can detect. Really that’s down to the OS to block it / lock the drive as I do when burning is in progress.

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