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Download Mirror #1 Gave me a Virus

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Not sure if this is the right location, please move if not.


I visited the web site this morning to download imgburn.  Mirror #1 at the below location has an arrow in a green circle which says "Click here Download ImgBurn"




Now, maybe I foolishly clicked the wrong thing, but I clicked there, downloaded, and installed.  Before I realized it was an installer and not imgburn being installed, the damage was already done.  Been scrubbing my computer, trying to get rid of "impaq speed" all day, so far unsuccessfully.


Just a heads up to others.

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On that page, people probably want to click the link underlined in blue that says here.  It says that downloads the file without the download manager.  The download manager is probably the wrap around software that is offering bloatware.  It says Download Manager Enabled under the green and white arrow link you mentioned.

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