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help burn to dvd

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    i bought an easycap an recorded an old vhs tape of a wedding on to my laptop so i can burn to dvd.Which worked great,However,

when i created an iso file an saved it to my computer i get this message...iso9660 so then i used  udf ,an then burned the file to dvd,i played it on my dvd player which worked only for afew minutes then the movie stoped,waste of a dvd.So then,i read a form by the admin here so i then clicked on the box called,iso9660+joliet+udf an clicked the boxes called,allow files without extentions an also the box called,allow files exceeding size limit,an also clicked the box called,multiple extents,then i burned the file again an this time it played an i noticed the screen was alittle smaller an this time it played longer bout half way in an the movie stopped again,another waist of a dvd..

I wanna surprise my wife for our anniversary with this movie cause it has her mom in it an she's been gone for 22 years.

   So how do i fix it so i can play the movie on the dvd player all the way threw without stopping ? I'm trying to learn this an need this done very soon..Can the admin or anyone help me an walk me threw this.Thank you all.

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Post the log of you burning and verifying the disc please.


Your original disc might be fine (before you messed with all of the settings), and that perhaps your playback device just has an issue reading the disc - hence why it stops early.

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hello admin,sorry been busy.

   i figured that out.It had nothing to do with imgburn program.I'm using another program an i forgot to change the output location Documents,i changed the location to video an tried a very short video from the easycap to the laptop an then i put the movie file in the program im using an it worked an the imgburn worked great.Thanks.

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