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Attempt to Burn in "Test Mode" shows This Dialog

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Can you please explain this message (link below) in a bit more detail? Does this mean the same thing as just burning a disc without having done any tests? If that's the case then there's no more chance of ruining a good disc opting into "Test Mode" then having skipped the test.




The way you word the message in the dialog makes me pause and ask myself, "My God. What am I doing. Do I really want to test this disc?"


Also, can you please explain what the test would actually reveal? Is "Test Mode" good to find bad sectors in advance that might be a result of a finger/thumb print smudge or dust particle that could be wiped clean and then pass?


Thanks for reading!

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I am guessing nothing happens if you select No.  If you select Yes, the test is performed but data may actually be written to the disc instead of a virtual write.



I'd say the Test mode determines if your drive can handle the media type inserted.  It might crap out on things like smudges or damaged discs.



I've never used the Test mode, so I couldn't say anything from experience.

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