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Layer break "pauses" on BD Video?

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I know that there are no layer breaks on multiple layer BD media because the format simply treats all the layers as one giant layer, virtually.  But, what about the pause in layer breaks on DVD-9 media when you don't use Seamless Layer Breaks?  On DVD-9, if you don't use Seamless Layer Breaks, you get a pause in the video on DVD playback at the layer break.  What about on multiple layer BD?  Are there such things as pauses in the video when the BD player switches layers on a multiple layer BD that is playing back BD Video?


I'm guessing not since there's no such thing as layer breaks on BD, but I don't know.  :unsure:



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I guess buffering takes care of any slowdown in actual transfer rate and there's nothing in the playback of such discs that makes it pause based on anything like a seamless flag.

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