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Disk not found - for a Linux disk

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Hi, I am trying to replicate a linux disk. It's showing up in 'Disk Managment' as "disk 1". Since it's a fairly standard Debian install ( on an SD card ), there is a boot partition which is Fat32, but the main partition is not seen.

Long story about why I'm not just booting up Linux and using 'dd' --- it might come to that :-)

I don't see a lot of trails on the internet about duplicating linux disks with windows - hope you can help! Thanks!

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I know nothing about Linux, but you say this installer for Linux is on an SD card?  Are you trying to use ImgBurn to create an image of the SD card?  If you are, ImgBurn won't do that.  It's only for imaging optical discs.  Otherwise, I don't know why you're asking a question on this in the ImgBurn Support forum.  Are you trying to create a bootable image in Build mode with the contents from this SD card?  That might be possible.

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