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I found it on the Belgian market, please look at this please,
they must not be printable


take a look at the specifications if you will






wHAT DO YOU THINK? I think that those are the write ones



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thanks for the links, are all the cd-rom's  data life plus media?

these would be the best and they should not be printable for me


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Well, I've never heard of "Super AZO," but, in that 2nd link, all the other images of the boxes look pretty close to what I've seen on Amazon.com and what I've bought in 50 disc cake stacks.  And, they don't say they're printable, so they're most likely branded.  Until you actually buy them, you won't know for sure, but if I had to pull the trigger on this decision, I'd be relatively certain they're what I'd be looking for.

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