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adam robbin

Can find my ISO file

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I have a thunb drive formatted to install window 7. I want to create another one but can't find my original ISO file for it. Is there a way to use IMGBurn to copy the contents of my USB drive to a folder on my computer for later use, or directly to anothe USB drive? Thanks

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About all you can do with a flash drive is create an ISO in Build mode of the contents.  However, this won't be of too much use unless you want to install Windows from within Windows.  There is a Guide somewhere, I think, that tell you how to create a bootable ISO from Windows install CD, but I don't know how that will translate to a flash drive, where you'd still need to extract the boot sector.


If you're not concerned about booting the ISO you can, as I said, just use Build mode to copy over the flash drive contents to an ISO.  However, you cannot copy this ISO to another flash drive.  It will only copy to an optical disc like DVD.  ImgBurn doesn't clone flash drives nor will it write to them.

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