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Phil_MI wrote:

There are programs for Windows to check and verify the integrity of the downloads to see if they are corrupted or tampered with but I don't remember the exact name but it would have md5..... in the name and now that my brain is sifting through the rubble I believe there is HashCalc and that would be able to check md5, sha1 and many others.


This is an interesting idea - I would certainly pay for a download manager that checked if programs were free of crapware.

I looked into a bit. What I found in general - which is what I remember from before - that download managers are just about the worst culprits for trying to install crapware on you. I thought I had found one that I might like to try but it insisted that I had to install a download manager so that I could download their download manager!

Looking at Wikipedia you can see the problem...


...Most of them seem intent on trying to foist crapware on you rather than preventing you from getting it.

Overall I have a feeling that download managers are essentially no more than catnip for computer owners.

The one download manager that did seem fully featured - GetRight Pro - which has checksum and MD5 verification is hardly cheap. Does anyone use a download manager and are they worth having?

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