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DTS File to DTS CD

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I'm trying to burn a DTS 5.1 audio file to a DTS 5.1 audio CD which I can play and decode through my audio system. 

The error is:


No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection.

VLC plays the file, and the CODEC tab there shows it to be 96Khz 32 bit audio stream.

Any ideas how to burn these types of files?

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There was another post about a similar issue on this board recently.  You may want to try and do a search for specific terms to see if you can find it.  I don't think you can search for DTS or 5.1 because I think you need more than 3 characters to do a search on.  At least, you used to on the old version of the board.  Doing a searching for DTS 5.1 as a whole term might find it.  I'm only going by memory, but near as I can recall, I don't think it was possible to use DTS 5.1 audio as a source file for creating audio CD's.  What you could do is try converting the file to another audio output type.  Of course, you'll probably lose some of the quality you're hoping to maintain with DTS 5.1.

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