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DVD Opening Screen

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What would be the best way to edit the opening menu on a DVD? The Ilo DVD Recorder (from WalMart - very good yet pretty cheap) produces the following screen ...




There is also Title, Time&Date, Clip Length and Recording Mode (EP, LP, ELP, etc) that is overlayed on top that I couldn't capture with PowerDVD, SnagIt, or Ctrl-Shift-PrnScreen. I want to do a PhotoShop edit on the thumbnails and the text underneath without changing the macros or anything else on the DVD. I have Nero 6.6 Ultra (with Vision) & DVDStyler. After extracting DVD contents to hard drive, will I have to turn the vob's into mpeg's, edit, and re-VOB or is there an easier way? The screen is from the following DVD (Simpsons episodes ... it don't get better than this) ...


W:\>dir /s

Volume in drive W is DVD_VR

Volume Serial Number is 4217-D37B


Directory of W:\


01/07/04 01:31 PM <DIR> VIDEO_RM

01/07/04 01:58 PM <DIR> VIDEO_TS

0 File(s) 0 bytes


Directory of W:\VIDEO_RM


01/07/04 01:31 PM <DIR> .

01/07/04 01:31 PM <DIR> ..

01/07/04 01:31 PM 32,768 VIDEO_RM.IFO

01/07/04 01:31 PM 1,048,576 VIDEO_RM.DAT

01/07/04 01:58 PM 32,768 VIDEO_RM.BUP

3 File(s) 1,114,112 bytes


Directory of W:\VIDEO_TS


01/07/04 01:58 PM <DIR> .

01/07/04 01:31 PM <DIR> ..

01/07/04 01:58 PM 327,680 VIDEO_TS.VOB

01/07/04 01:58 PM 12,288 VIDEO_TS.IFO

01/07/04 01:58 PM 12,288 VIDEO_TS.BUP

01/07/04 01:58 PM 69,632 VTS_01_0.IFO

01/13/04 11:07 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_1.VOB

01/07/04 01:58 PM 69,632 VTS_01_0.BUP

01/13/04 11:07 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_2.VOB

01/13/04 11:07 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_3.VOB

01/13/04 11:07 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_4.VOB

01/13/04 11:07 AM 303,505,408 VTS_01_5.VOB

10 File(s) 4,598,956,032 bytes


Total Files Listed:

13 File(s) 4,600,070,144 bytes

6 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


What file is the screen located in ... VIDEO_TS.VOB? What about the text? Thanks.

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I reauthor my discs, movie only cant be bothered with all the other crap ,I use Shrink

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Make a bitmap of the new screen (use whatever you like to make it look pretty). Download Muxman and VobBlanker and install them anywhere convenient. Set up VB for your temp folder and for the path to Muxman.


Now substitute the homemade BMP for the original screen. Essentially click Process on the VTS with the menus. Double click up the top and this will open the menu PGCs. Next, double click the PGC with the screen you wanna replace. Now, click the cell and click Still. Select File from the dropdown box and go to the new BMP. OK and close and OK a few more times till you get back to the main GUI.


Tick process in place and process menus (untick process titles). Click process down the bottom and you're there. Sounds hard, it's actually easy and there's a guide on the site (see here).



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Bienvenu xen-uno :) Hope it worked for you.



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'tach ... successfully modded the opening screen on a similar (Ilo structure wise) DVD. Had to use cell cam to capture the text under the thumbnails ...




I have looked all through the DVD with 'Blanker trying to find "TITLE 01" ... no luck. A Sony DVD camera my sis has burns the title right on the opening screen, where the Ilo does not (must have a resource string table somewhere). Any ideas?

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