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No finalize disc default and eliminating clicks on burning

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I have two questions.


One--I would like to set the default burn settings so that the disc is NOT finalized unless I tell IMGBurn to do so--so if I don't do anything, I will always be able to add more. What options do I check?


Two--when I burn a DVD, I notice quite a few options/windows coming up, for naming, etc. I always click OK and everything is fine. Is there any way I can cut down the number of windows before I actually start burning? The first is something about root folder; the second is volume label; the third is the stats for the burn. I really don't care to see any of them by default. Any way to turn them off?


Other than that, I really do like imgburn--its fast and creates fewer coasters than other progs.

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1- That's not possible since ImgBurn's Build mode only burns closed/finalised discs.


2- The options to disable those prompts are in Tools/Settings/Build tab (all the Don't Prompt ones).

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