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load ptoject in bulid mode

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Hi,i'm not sure if this is a bug,but i will describe the situation anyway.

So, i have 3 dvd-writers,i saved a few projects in build mode.Now,I was using one of the writer in let say imgburn instance1 and then,in another imgburn (instance2) i tried to load another project and i noticed that the second imgburn (the one that i loaded the second project) tried to change dvd-writers to the same writer that was already writing project 1.So here was the conflict.Is this how it is supposed to be?imgburn saves the writer in the project?is there a setting to only save the file structure instead of saving the writer to?Cause i find this to be not logical since i cannot use 3 or maybe more writers in the same time with the saved projects.

I hope that i made myself clear,i cannot wait for you guys to give me some feedback.



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