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    Can't Finalize Disk

    Is this a disc you’ve burnt with ImgBurn? It will have already been finalised correctly. You don’t need to worry about which commands work or don’t work. Put it in your car and see if it plays. It won’t harm it.
  2. Pay attention to the Log window. It tells you that the speed you selected isn’t supported and that your drive has picked a different speed. Bottom line is, your drive doesn’t support burning at 1x on those discs.

    "Hiding" drives from ImgBurn?

    Try disabling it in device manager.

    ImgBurn may install malware

    Mirror 7 has offered an 'ad supported' version (where the installer uses a plugin that offers 3rd party software during the installation process) for years now. As in, years and years and years, dating way back before The plugin handles what the user is offered, I have nothing to do with that side of things.

    Disc help

    You're probably talking about the disc id (MID) and that you should avoid those made by CMC. Buy some proper Verbatim discs (not the value line ones) - look for the term 'Azo' on them... I think they're the good ones. I have a million discs left over from back when I was developing ImgBurn full time, and as such, I haven't purchased any for a long time now - so please forgive me if the product branding has changed. Back then, anything with a disc ID starting with the letters MCC, MKM, TYG or YUDEN were considered 'decent'.
  6. The .MDS is not a simple text document The .CUE / .DVD files are simple text documents.
  7. You could write each section of the ISO to a disc if you treat it as a file and not a disc image - i.e. you use Build mode. You can than take both of those discs elsewhere, copy the file off each disc into a folder on your computer and then use the MDS to combine both parts and burn to a double layer disc using Write mode.

    Can't create bootable grub2 image

    eltorito.img is the legacy boot image. You need to leave the Platform ID on 80x86 to use that one. efi.img in the root folder is the UEFI one.

    ImgBurn equivalent on mac

    For basic burning of an ISO file (you can download the Windows 10 ISO files quite easily), the OS can do that directly. A quick google found this page - https://osxdaily.com/2015/11/22/burn-disc-images-os-x-finder/
  10. That *warning* is not the issue here. The problems you're having are probably caused by the media you're using. Please read this....

    Wrong CRC on the download page. Please correct.

    It matches the file on Mirror 7 - the 'direct' one.

    ASUS BW-12B1ST No Reference Position Found

    Try some different discs, the drive doesn't like the ones you're using - or it's totally broken.
  13. Does it remember the position of the main window? It could revert to default if the position is considered invalid (i.e. totally off screen). The default is the main window top / centre and the Log window bottom / centre.

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    Ha! well, you learn something new every day. I don't even really remember seeing any mention of a log window snapping issue before. It would have been more useful to put that bug report in the bug reports forum (please excuse me if you'd also done that). I don't run mine snapped and so have never noticed it myself. It worked fine at the time of implementation, but I was probably running XP back then. I don't have a 4K monitor to do any testing of that issue on, but it just so happens it also occurs on mine. Maybe it's a Windows 10 thing? ImgBurn predates Windows 10, so any abnormalities it caused obviously wouldn't have been resolved. I'm going to fire up good old C++ Builder 2007 now and see what's going on with it. EDIT: Update, it's due to the shadow around the windows being classed as part of the window. It won't snap nicely to the left/right/bottom of the screen either.

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    What bugs are you referring to? I’m pretty sure I’d have fixed anything that was actually a bug at the time it was reported. Of course, me fixing them is very different to me fixing them AND releasing a version that includes those fixes. The version that I’ve very occasionally worked on over the last 7 years will eventually be released, of course it will, I just have a very bad habit of sitting on things. I honestly do keep thinking I need to get back to it and get it done. In all honesty, I think I went a year without even having the development environment on my machine. I probably installed it all again and got it to the stage where I can actually compile the code again about a month ago. That’s some serious progress right there! I have a no point said to myself that I’m done with ImgBurn. If I had, this forum wouldn’t be here.

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    You're crazy.

    Burn Errors with Verbatim BD-RE XL Discs

    Have you only ever burnt them at 'MAX' (8x) speed? Maybe your drive(s) would do a better job at one of the slower speeds they claim to support those discs at.

    UJ-8G6 won't read disc

    There's probably nothing you can do about that. Either the drive can read the disc or it can't. Just make sure it's clean and not covered in finger prints etc. You probably also have the option of cleaning the drive itself in case it isn't running at 100%.
  19. It remembers its last position.

    Creating windows 10 iso

    Do you really need to extract the files from the original ISO? The reason you gave in your initial post made no sense. The images direct from Microsoft burn and boot without a problem.

    Creating windows 10 iso

    I've just checked and my 1909 image (SW_DVD9_Win_Pro_10_1909_64BIT_English_Pro_Ent_EDU_N_MLF_X22-17395.ISO) is over single layer size, but not by much. The exact size is 5,292,945,408 bytes, which Windows calls 4.92GB. There would be no problem at all putting that on a DVD+R DL disc... which is what I burnt it to.

    Creating windows 10 iso

    The guide does work, yes. Have they really got to the point where it won’t fit on a double layer dvd now? I’m sure the last one I burnt did, and that would have been the Windows 10 1909 edition or whatever it was before 2004 came out

    /src /info parameters issue

    I think you misunderstand what discovery mode is for. Read mode will tell you what you need to know.

    /src /info parameters issue

    If you’re planning on making images of discs, you want to tell it to load up in read mode, not discovery mode. Discovery mode will only list writers and so that’s why it won’t go to the drive you’re selecting via /src.

    Creating bootable disc does not boot.

    Are you creating a legacy bootable disc or an efi bootable disc? Your bios needs to allow for whichever format you’re using. Legacy would normally require you to turn off secure boot and enable legacy booting in the bios. The guide is old and doesn’t really cover efi booting. I’ve no idea on the exact settings required for that. ImgBurn itself works fine on old/new hardware. Nothing has changed in the world of optical disc burning.

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