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  1. “BD Video - Allow Unicode Volume Label” should do what you’re after.

    Windows limits the display of volume labels to 32 characters, so nothing we can do I’m afraid.

    If you want an image of the disc as the icon when you view it in explorer, you’ll need to create an appropriate autorun.inf file and configure it to point to an icon file that shows what you want it to show. Again, this is something outside of ImgBurn.

  2. To be honest, I don't even know where that 8.3 name is coming from.

    Is Windows generating it or is it reading both file systems and that's coming from the ISO9660 one?

    Maybe open the disc in ISOBuster, navigate to the correct path within the ISO9660 file system and see what it's called.

    What settings have you selected within the ISO9660 restrictions tab? I'm guessing you've relaxed them to the max?


  3. v2.5.8.0 doesn't have any way of getting around that prompt.

    I have already added another command line parameter that can, but it'll only be available in the next release... whenever that might be.

  4. not sure why or how you'd be picking ImgBurn for use on a Mac.... seeing as there isn't a Mac version. Unless you actually meant 'Machine' when you wrote 'Mac'?

    This thread looks a lot like spam to me but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

  5. No, not via CMD line, this is in the program itself.

    Go into Build mode and then select the 'Advanced' tab on the right, followed by the 'Media' one.

    Change the Single Layer - Profile to 'Custom' and then enter a larger number. Maybe just copy the value from the double layer DVD+R DL one (i.e. 4173824).



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