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  1. Essentially, it shows that the 'streaming' flag will be set to 'true' within the write command. It allows the program to burn BD-RE at full speed (i.e. 2x) even when they've been formatted with spare areas enabled. It's made possible by the 'streaming' flag telling the drive to not perform its auto write/verify process during the burn.

  2. W 13:15:19 Failed to Write Sectors 0 - 31 - Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.

    For whatever reason, your machine is returning a really weird error when the program asks your drive to burn the sectors. That error is not from the drive, it's from the OS.

    It could be a dodgy driver issue or something. Maybe try uninstalling the usb controller from within Device Manager (so it wipes out the controller, hubs and the devices connected to them), reboot and let Windows find it all again.

  3. I don't dismiss stuff if people are sure they unchecked any offers they were shown.

    The setup exe is kinda old now and I have actually been contacted (recently) to say there's an updated 'clean' plugin... so maybe their last one had an issue. When it first came out, there was no such issue with 3rd party software installing when it shouldn't have - or at least not that I experienced for myself.

  4. Multisession stuff will probably fail if you have test mode enabled - which you do there.

    Please reset your settings back to default. The stuff you read on the internet about magic fixes for issues (i.e. changing the buffer to 72mb) are complete nonsense.

    Once Test Mode is off, burn a disc and post the log from that if it fails please. 

  5. So that's 3 different drives failing to burn the discs and reporting a 'Write Error'?

    These things shouldn't be dependant on the OS as the burning is a drive internal process.

    Maybe try putting one or more of the drives in another machine and see if you have the same issue?

    Are the ones that are failing all from a new batch or anything?

  6. I’m pretty sure there’s another option you can enable that goes beyond just showing hidden files. It used to be known as ‘protected system files’ or similar. There could also be junction points or something... maybe that’s where the extra stuff is coming from?

  7. The error message is basically saying that the sector on the disc is unreadable.

    That problem is unlikely to be the reason for your players not being able to play the disc. I would say they don't like something about the way it's been authored - maybe that comes down to tmpgenc?


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