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  1. Neither of those files are the actual ImgBurn setup program.

    All you've done is check something from an advert or something a mirror has repackaged (wrapped up in a 'download manager download').

    The clue is in the name:-




  2. You're not going to be providing it with enough power from a single usb lead, it's desktop drive.

    So the reason it isn't ejecting is probably because it doesn't have enough power to actually do so.

    Buy a proper enclosure for the device with a standalone power supply.

    Oh and your other drive is a DVD burner, not just a reader.

  3. What happens if you press the eject button (The 'E' under the drive selection box - or right click the selection box and pick Eject) in ImgBurn? Any error message?

    Normally, if the tray won't open, it's because it's been locked by software. Turning the power off and on would usually reset that.

    If after doing that, the button on the device itself still doesn't work, maybe it's just faulty.

    What do you have providing power to the device? Hopefully it isn't just being powered by a single usb lead.


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