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  1. Thanks for the reply By 2x, I mean 2 times, not double speed. Sorry for the confusion. I was wondering if it was related to "verify". So, its burned after it ejects, but the second trip thru is to verify the burn was successful?
  2. Using imgburn for the first time today. Im familiar with shrink/decrypter/nero. I have video files - vts files- to burn. Added to imgburn to burn to dvd+ media. Imgburn give me an error about the drive not being locked- I read this may be a firmware issue. Im checking it out. The real question- the program burns, then ejects the disk. I took this disk to a dvd player, and it plays fine. However, if I reinsert this disk, it goes thru the burning process again, then the program says its done. If I insert a new dvd blank in the drive after the first "burn", it will give me an error. What is the issue? Why does it want to "burn" 2x? And is the second "burn" necessary- it doesnt appear to be? Newbie here- searched for this topic but didnt find it. Thanks in advance.
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