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  1. sorcerer

    GUI font size

    Sorry to be a hassle, but can I do it via settings.ini? If not that's fine also, Segeo UI is a big improvement already. Verdana also very good. I'll see if I can find an even larger font.
  2. sorcerer

    GUI font size

    In my experience DPI setting is best left alone, because you can get into trouble with some applications. The most common problem being buttons getting overlapped and therefore unclickable. Screen resolution should be set to the LCD screen's native resolution. Both WinXP and Win7 allow you to change font size for stuff like program menu or messagebox. This approach serves me well over the years. ImgBurn menu buttons are fine, but everything else is very small. As my screen capture shows, ImgBurn's font sizes are smaller than Windowns Explorer. Screen Capture
  3. sorcerer

    GUI font size

    I know I can choose font, but how do I change font size? The default font size is painfully small for me.
  4. sorcerer

    ImgBurn v2.5.1.0 Released!

    I extracted the files without installing. ImgBurn looks the same as before.
  5. sorcerer


    Thanks Jason, I get it now. From now on I'll just use '/Portable' instead of 'NOSAVESETTINGS'. I think ImgBurn has got everything now, it's just great!!
  6. Sorry if this Q seems silly, but if '/NOSAVESETTINGS' already does it, what's the point of using '/PORTABLE'?

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