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  1. drahnier

    version freeze

    They gave no clue. But as far as I can tell it was not a ImgBurn specific bug (as I found out later). Even MagicDisc itself locked up when being instructed to create an iso or uif image from a MagicDisc mounted iso image.
  2. drahnier

    version freeze

    The MagicISO people today send me an email with a link to a new build of MagicDISC (2.6, build 093). This build does indeed fix the problem!
  3. drahnier

    version freeze

    Just to keep you updated: The MagicISO people yesterday gave me access to a new version of MagicDISC (2.6, build 091) and claimed that that build would fix this issue. Unfortunately it does not.
  4. drahnier

    version freeze

    Will do. In case I get a response I will post it here.
  5. drahnier

    version freeze

    I had some strange problems with Deamon Tools on my system, so I switched to MagicISO. Anyway, as there appears to be a problem, would it be too much to ask for to have ImgBurn start a watchdog/timeout timer before it starts querying a drive status?
  6. drahnier

    version freeze

    Just installed version on my laptop running Vista Business 32bit and experienced a solid freeze of the program when trying to "Create image file from disc." The details: I use MagicISO (version 2.5 build 079) to create two virtual CD-ROM drives on this laptop (as it does not have a physical one). I started ImgBurn and selected 'Create image file from disc". ImgBurrn appears to detect the two virtual CD-ROM drives but then freezes with 'getting media status ..." displayed in it's status bar. After my patience did run out, I tried to close ImgBurn, but got no response. I then tried to kill ImgBurn using TaskManager. No luck either! I then used TaskManger to initiate a system restart: Although Vista seems to log me out, it then just displays the welcome screen with a 'Shutting down ..." message. I waited ten minutes before regaining control of my laptop by using the power button ...

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