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  1. timss

    making a bootable cd from aa xp floppy

  2. timss

    buring a .iso file

    Yes its my head. Thanks very much for this software its the best i am going to try on ubuntu next with wine yes -R worked ok took a while about 45 mins to burn a 7.65 gig dl disk on xps in vmware fusion. tims
  3. timss

    buring a .iso file

    i have a iso its 7.34gb and i want to burn it to a DVD9 DISK on the finished disk the iso should show the contents of the iso and it should be bootable in the latest version of Imgburm menu which should I chhose. thanks xstation i am useing windows xp sp 2 in vmware with 512MB ram
  4. timss

    buring a .iso file

    if you look at this url then this guy has the same model as me but with diffrent burn options?http://discussions.apple.com/search.jspa?q=RW%2BR&objID=f1113&dateRange=last90days&searchID=6740899&forumID=1113&rankBy=10001&threadID=1303830
  5. timss

    buring a .iso file

    thanks for your post Just found out that the poineer DVD/CD burner DVR K06 says -R AND -RW the double layer disks i have are zall DVD +R what to do? tim
  6. timss

    buring a .iso file

    the howto does not relate to the latest version of Imgburn
  7. timss

    buring a .iso file

    thanks for the howto but it was written in sept 2005 it does dot seem to relate to the new menu that coes with the latest version of Imgburn? tim

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