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  1. you still have a virus problem . It is a known issue, although NOT ImgBurns fault, check this search results link out for the resolve http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=Sea...mber+%2Bsecrets
  2. volvofl10

    ImgBurn blowing up on me

    i only read it because of the title Had visons of your drive flying 6 feet up in the air when you started ImgBurn, i thought 'thats differant, we havent had THAT before'
  3. volvofl10

    video freezes

    most likely discs used, but its also a common problem of over compression with dvdshrink However , A Log File would enable us to be able to help the original poster
  4. volvofl10

    video freezes

    No problem , new delivery just arrived
  5. volvofl10

    Drive not Reading what it burns

    Auld Lang Syne was cued up on your decks was it ? Nope, he was still picking bits of turkey and stuffing out of the keyboard
  6. volvofl10

    Drive not Reading what it burns

    if you go back and read the last line of my last post , it says resolve.cmc. That was my guess as to what the problem was before you posted a log file. Look at your log file, and you will see the discs your using are CMC MAG-M01-00 . the cmc part is the dye/ink thats on those discs, and it is well known to be of low quality. Its a common thing for discs with tis dye to be non readable by the drive that just wrote them . Its down to the inconsistency of the dye. Im not psychic by the way when i posted resolve cmc in my last post , its just a common problem that cmc discs give. Where your log file says "W 23:37:57 Device Not Ready - Unable to Recover TOC" , TOC refers to Table Of Contents or Index for want of a better way to describe it. A drive reads the Index before it does anything else, and if it cant read the index, it doesnt know what it should be looking for on the disc. Differant drives read discs better than others, so if you cna read it on another drive, i would make a back up of it ASAP. As said, not all drives can read all discs ( yes, i know, youd think they would) so if you change to a better quality disc like genuine Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, the failed to verify problem will dissapear
  7. volvofl10

    ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 does it work or make coasters?

    that sounds like a "get out of any resposibility" clause It doe'snt intentionally make coasters............. is that better ? . It does make exceeedingly good dvd's,cd's,bluray discs,iso's but if you put the wrong ingrediants in , it will try and make the best of what it was given. follow all the related guides in the guides section of the forum, and follow Lightning_UK's advice above with a BD-RE disc and you should get a result. In the event you get a problem , post the log file in a thread and we will try to help you. In the event that thats not good enough for you, question yourself as to whether you want to try bluray burning ......... everything has a risk element in life
  8. volvofl10

    one click Disc Copy option?

    people who use discs with "CMC-MAG" dye/ink REALLY appreciate the 'Verify' feature , even though it usually tells them it cant read the disc back
  9. volvofl10

    Help me with Wii ISO's

    I know different consoles had different drives over the years, maybe the OP's is a -R only one ?, only guessing though
  10. volvofl10

    Drive not Reading what it burns

    Because some people may be new to ImgBurn, the author allowed for this , and set ImgBurn to save the log files for you . Within ImgBurn ,Go to HELP button, then ImgBurn Logs on the sub menu and find the relevant log file, then copy and paste all the info into here.. if you can't be bothered , thats OK, you'll just have to waste loads of discs figuring it out yourself. That said , theres a few things that you could have done to eliminate the problem you've been having , but im not saying until i see a log file The whole purpose of the log file is to save information for analysis at a later date to find out what went wrong with a failed burn. As everyone on here gives their help and time freely to those who are having problems, dont you think having the courtesy to post that log file may help them to in turn help you , especially as theres several posts about including log files and a pink banner that asks you to as well. If you want help, respond with something positive for us to work on resolve.cmc
  11. volvofl10

    Help me with Wii ISO's

    try -R instead of +R format discs. I dont think Wii consoles does +R format
  12. volvofl10

    Very poor volume on dvd's

    if you run your files thru a decent dvd authoring program, you should have the option to increase the volume level in settings. I know convertxtodvd has this feature. Its usually called audio gain, or audio boost. This will solve your problem.
  13. volvofl10

    Simultaneous burning doesn't work

    you can use multiple instances of ImgBurn , but you need a POWERFULL PC to do this, and if your drawing the one image more than once at a time, you will probably cause a dataflow bottleneck from the hard drive . Not sure how nero does it, but the transfer of large data from 1 x hdd is the problem, especially if the processer happens to try and read the same file twice at the same time
  14. volvofl10

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    so its Hello Sailor then ? It would be unfair to blame me for there poor ineffective 'resource hungry' spell checker that slows there system down !
  15. volvofl10

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    wha-hay Happy Birthday lfc , hope its a good one for ya

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