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    ImgBurn keeps the burned images "open"

    UPDATE; I can delete the imagefiles but can't delete the folder that contains the imagefile.
  2. Quane

    ImgBurn keeps the burned images "open"

    Hi there, sorry for answering this late... Well I use Kaspersky Antivirus, I'll try to set "Scan programs and documents according to extension" instead of "according to content" and see if this helps out! It allready has an options saying "don't scan archives larger than 8 MB" and isn't a ".img" file an archive ? - Quane
  3. ImgBurn Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 I've tried searching for this on the forums, without luck so here I go: I've noticed that ImgBurn keeps having the image files "open". When I burn a image file, and want to burn another image I just hit the "browse" button (In source area) in ImgBurn and start to burn the other image. In that case, I can't delete the first image since it's still in use, Windows tells me. If I close ImgBurn I can delete the first image without trouble. So, how come ImgBurn still uses the image files when I'm done burning? Just right now, im on my 5 image in a row, that means I can't delete the 4 first images without closing ImgBurn. Of cause I COULD close ImgBurn and start it again chosing the other imagefile, but the other way suites me well in this situation where i'm cleaning out my hdd for images. Thanks for a great app indeed! -Quane

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