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  1. yeah I thought about reducing speed, but I had no problems so far, but I think I will limit it now to max 12 or 16 one day later all were problems were gone! I don't know, what it was, but now all burned dvd are working fine, even the ones, which reported CRC errors during install. I tried everything: reboot, different harddrives, different dvd drives, checking cables... but nothing worked before crazy shit?! sry about "major bug" in topic, imgburn is awesome
  2. I burned one of the images two times, everytime verify said OK. During installing (right after burning) there were CRC ERRORS on both discs. I burned it once with N3RO (sry if it is not allowed to mention) and it was OK. I tried another data DVD, which was burned with, but it was fine. Verify should find those errors or not?
  3. Hi, I have encountered a very serious bug: I installed imageburn with autoupdate and burned some images with Verify ON after burning. Verify was OK. But when I tried installing the software from those burned dvds, it says CRC ERROR. It's not the drive, from which the dvd is read, because I tried it with three different drives. The error occures on DVD-R and DVD-R DL, both Verbatim. settings: default with write speed AUTO (MAX) I tried another dvd burned a few days ago with, which runs fine.
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