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    dvd now ony burns at 1.7x

    It's not always the burner that fails in DMA mode, the Hard drive can also fail & revert to PIO.This is usualy accompanied by high CPU usage & slow performance so it is always advisable to check & reset the DMA mode to ALL DRIVES.
  2. The jitter algorithms with an average & peak jitter of 14% gives a quality score for the jitter of 49% and anything below 50% is unacceptable in my book so your figures may be correct.
  3. Without going into the actual algorithms Basically jitter percentage of 8% average is treated as 100% quality as this is the minimum that one can usually get. An average of 20% jitter is classed as totally unacceptable and is treated as 0% quality. Peak jitter is taken into account to reduce the quality score accordingly. The PI, PO, & jitter quality scores are all averaged together to give the final score.
  4. By all means. Unless you have a question. What time is the next coffee break?
  5. Flash

    COMPUTEX: Toshiba Claims Highest-Density Hard Drive

    You mean like the wind up phonogram "His Masters Voice" Only smaller
  6. Flash

    COMPUTEX: Toshiba Claims Highest-Density Hard Drive

    What's an iPod or MP3 Player?
  7. Now the coffee break is over back to the original problem. Buffer fluctuation like this can be caused by several things Insufficient memory Buffer insufficient for your system (Try increasing the buffer size) Source hard drive the same as the swap file hard drive. Burner, Source or System Hard drives on the same IDE channel Antivirus software kicking in too fiercely. This problem is at its worst for me with my Laptop because I can only have one Internal Hard Drive and one Internal Burner. I do not suffer this problem with my main rigs where my source Hard Drives and Burners are all on their own IDE channels No can I go back to my Hibernation?

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