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    How and What is 'Layer Break'?

    Someone told me to adjust the 'layer break' if I wanted to burn a DL DVD. Now is my questin: What is the Layer Break, and what do I have to do to 'adjust' it? Let me tell you what I already know: I searched under 'tools' > 'Settings'. And in the menu 'Settings' under 'general'. Somewhere under that menu stays 'Layer Break' and two options: 'Check 'Don't update IFO/BUP files.' ' 'Check 'Seamless' ' Thanks for the responses -- Sorry for my wrong Enlish...
  2. VluggeJapie

    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    Sorry for my wrong English, I'm dutch... I have some problems with Imgburn too. Before I used Imgburn, I used Clone CD, but that program burned too fast. So many DVD's failed. I want to burn Xbox 360 games on Dual Layer DVD's. A friend of me helped me, but is on holiday now, so he can't. Now, my question is: He told me about 'Layer Break'. I had to 'put it on' or something. Now I checked >tools >settings >general >layer break. I could put on 2 'things: Check 'Don't update IFO/BUP files' Check 'Seamless' What do I have to do now? Tnx

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