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  1. blackcrack

    ImgBurn may install malware

    Hi LighningNK you should not agree with this things, becaue difams your reputation ! you should make it open your sources under gpl2 over github.. this could maybe help for your reputation.. https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/issues/1599 On Github exist also free space for releases and a good hosting.. and you have clean releases with out some monymaker.. and the best, it costs nothing ! you can also let help with from the Sopensource community for less developing costs.. and you need only maintain in the patches .. and your Proggy give many more in prominent.. best regards Blacky and by the other part, we are become not younger.. saving the code.. look on terminate.com, he had all his sources on disk 3,5'' all die's in magnetic and no possible for recovery.. he had make pictures in a carton for me and i had see the pictures.. ....headwaving... so maybe better for save it as open source before rest ...
  2. blackcrack

    ImgBurn may install malware

    Hi, please look this : ImgBurn may install malware https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/issues/1599 you should speak with pbatard. if this true, be i also a bit upset.. edit: the Mirror7 have an other site, i guess the server is compromised best Blacky
  3. humm, why mean other peoples, they mus ever speak for other persons.., hey, i had speak with LIGHTNING, the chef and not with others.., oky, you are a team and you help's LIGHTNING and thest all.. and clear, you are programmer or so, but, why, you are mean you are better human's as other peoples ? And why, Do you are mean, you are mus speak for LIGHTNING ? oky, i know now enough.. .. thy for the humanity speak.. thy very mutch.. ... ... peoples.. in (i have it) respeckt ! Blackcrack
  4. Hy LIGHTNING UK! natural i mean you..*s* humm.... oky, if not an autoupdater so can you make a softlink.... or so, to can use imgburn-setup.exe as link or the other servers have it easyer to trade too, i think... so i can use the file every to use in the autoinstaller or netinstaller or so to use wget and install it per batch.. .. and silence as netinstaller.exe as sfx-rar the actual version and with all languages or i find a gui so like vb-dialog to make a little more gui-install with languagequestion and so things regards Blacky
  5. : This is a Nullsoft NSIS installer silent switch is: /S (all switches must be upper case) Additional switches are : /D="x:\dirname" Install program to path /NCRC Skip CRC Check *g* Softlink is in *nix like System Link's who enabling indirekt take a program, folders or other files.. (mutch more "ghosts" as be the M$-Lnk) if you take VirtualBox.org you can let run a linux (Mandriva or Muppy) and you can connect per ftp or ssh on the fileserver if run on *nix System so you can set every a link to the downloadable actual program to syncing it to other server.. eehh or so *s* for downloader is it good to so can you get explizit the actual exe file... if the downloader or explorer or other loading a programm, so taking the name of the link and take the rest.. so can you make a autoupdater who download silence in the background and can check the installer version and the version of the actual file... or so.. easyer it is go, if it's a textfile on the server and in side of this is the versionsnumber and can check this and if it's give a new version, so can enabling it to get a Gui-message to be a new Version usable I dont now how it's enabeling to read the textfile... but i think you LIGHTNING UK! have a Idea of it... i nead only a file who check the actual file and call if it's to o.k. if it's go to install. in this file can be contain whitch Servers be used (check the language whitch is used, so can take the server in them Land) how you tell it in the txt-file of you FTP whitch downloaded fast at start and read it out ... so you can tell, whitch server be used and whitch version it's on the server, this proggy can run as deamon/scheduler , Set path of imgburn.exe and version of imgburn.exe and can funtioning as autoupdater like sun-java too and addon programms can take the "Set"-Variables of imgburn. maby i be not a programmer, i play only with prompt and know how win funtioning or so make my own unatended install's and so... and it's only a idea :} best regards Blacky
  6. Hy LIGHTNING UK!, can you make a ln -s SetupImgBurn_2.4.1.0.exe SetupImgBurn.exe to enabling to download the SetupImgBurn.exe with a batch and wget and make a silenceinstall ... in / for my script who i had uploaded To make a install batch per check if it is installed, if no, then a question if shold installing.. if yes can download with wget.exe and make a silenceinstall per /S (*s* not /s .. i can read ;
  7. Hy LIGHTNING UK!, it shold give a Userpage or addional's Page who get addons of users who had writing or creations extra programs for you and ImgBurn. A idea too it was if it is give a plugin api who can imgburn using plugins. Like "imgburn.exe /plin bootcd /boot A: (otherkeys) /src C:\burncd\ CD-filesystems or others , Boot-CD iso Creator who can burning direcktly on CD and let the iso on a Folder to have save copy. and i think, what' need too, it is a little deamon(exe) who set imgburn variables who the programm were's the imgburn.exe and folder, check the status of CD/DVDRam (if it's a blank CD/Rewritebel) like the incd, but not *g* as standart the udf-Format (uahh*g*) chek it out if shold formating or be silence ant the user can with rightklick on the Systray format/blank the CD with more options , fast blank, full blank, iso format's or udf-format how the users controling it ... in the deamon can set a $Pathkey (last start without running but set/add variables) or be in the Systray and get som funtions, and dont useCPU or Ram, shold onlybe a starter if it's the user enabled. A CD-Ramlist with CD/DVDRam-variables to enabling technical to make enhanced (maby some produser Factory's too) as normal ascii/textfile but named like ram.info who can adding the Technical some informations and can help to make more compatibility and work with tricks or some.. so can you become feedbackt about hardware too. Adding a inifile who can adding some key's if be a produser of CD/DVD's and have ATA, SATA and USB Burnerstation, als more as one Burner on one computer to tell it on this inifile who can generating be at the first configuration of imgburn. There for can be Plugins to make a enhanced Configurationsfile and can manage them... and can be like a little moskito with full blood sucking .. eehh plugins best regards Blacky
  8. Hy, this is a install/uninstaller of SendTo and langpack of current ImgBurn. "edit" [say thank you the the "master of " Beta Testers .. play you own game..]file - removed Regards Blacky
  9. blackcrack

    ImgBurn travle to Reactos ?

    Hy Reactos is a NT like System !... or so *s* humm.. it shold been later better of it, here we... the programmers can make all what it is possible and correkt (it shold works ) You are can try it with a VM's like Virtualbox.org or other one. The best is you take the livecd or if you have luck you can installing Reactos on the VM without errors... maby funtion it.. it is already on the Alfastage... here you can download the iso's : ReactOS Trunk-Builds download but i mus i say, at moment it isnt funtioning correckt the trunkbuild-creator.. i know nothing realy about it but i had read about it #092; humm.. they have at moment to manny work.. the rss-poll and other it is to making too and so.. i hope it is go to funtioning in the next weeks to become every news about it ))) how ever, come and Visit Reactos, make you own Picture of it manny greetings and Best Regards Blackcrack ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------====<<<{{{[[[blacky's Gate]]]}}}>>>====------ ------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hy, idea,... i had see you programm and have see to it clean and correckt programming... Now my question... why do you not set ImgBurn under GPL and try it to integrate the actualy Explorer-rewrite in Reactos(fully or as Plugin or how ever possibility). It's a choice at moment you can use it/try.. take a look on Reactos

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