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  1. I just filled the disk with dummy files to push the disk to the end of the disk. Just remember to enable Sort Files By Source List Order
  2. bskchaos

    Entire hard drive imaging?

    I think you are in the wrong place. ImgBurn wokrs with optical disks (CD/DVD/BluRay) not HDD.
  3. bskchaos

    File Priority

  4. bskchaos

    File Priority

    Sorry... which one?
  5. bskchaos

    File Priority

    Is it possible to set file priority in ImgBurn? I want to save some files at the very end of the disk (SL DVD) to be able to read them at maximum speed. Don't care if takes longer to burn.
  6. poor english LUK should find a way to make several ImgBurn threads to cooperate instead of fighting. In simple terms: One buffer to rule them all!!!
  7. Go to Portable Anonymous... ImgBurn is fully portable...
  8. bskchaos

    Burn directly from RAR's

    There are several reasons that made me belive this feature would be useless...
  9. bskchaos

    Are you serious?

    Nero??? ouch... my head... Nero... OUCH!!! Can't remember WTF is that!!! and I get a headache when I try.
  10. Still wrong... You don't need to do anything you mention above, most burning applications (incl. ImgBurn) can burn ISO files directly... that's the point about ISO files. Well at least you have all your "stuff" working...
  11. poor english UltraISO, DaemonTools Pro, PowerISO and MagicISO supports compressed ISO Images. But ImgBurn doesn't burn any of those files.

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