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    The ImgBurn Curry Top 20 !!

    Hot post LFC
  2. zacoz

    Getting "Write Error" every time now??

    Had to give my wife one of her own to keep her happy. Then of course had to give one to my son. So now I'm back to one - which of course gets the best upgrades with bits then passed down the line.
  3. zacoz

    Counter ?

    Yeah - Carbon Marking Crap. Everything you've already written with them will dissolve from contact with the air too.
  4. zacoz

    Funny Vids

    World of Warcraft Numa Numa Dance Note: Don't worry if it starts playing before the video is displayed on the screen, it will come up.
  5. zacoz

    Counter ?

    Obviously been buying those cheap chinese pencils
  6. zacoz

    Funny Vids

    It should be compulsory to have these installed in all similar venues.
  7. zacoz

    Funny Vids

    Proof that you should outsource production of your video advertising.
  8. zacoz

    Funny Vids

    Chris Rock on "How not to get your ass kicked by the police"
  9. zacoz


    Shamus, haven't you traded in that old helmet for a new one yet ?
  10. zacoz


    Just loved last year how he was criticised for slandering vegetarians
  11. zacoz

    An 80 Year Old Man

    Maybe Shamus has a 20 yr old bride
  12. zacoz

    BenQ DW1640

    I'd prefer the DW1655 myself as the lightscribe disc's aren't noticeably more expensive than the standard Verbatim's from what I'd seen. I'd read the process was supposed to be faster on the latest generation lightscribe burners too. I also don't have a disc printer - so it's marker pen only at present. Would like to put some more polished labelling on some disc's. @BurnerFreak: Was going to offer you a pencil sharpener, but recall that you're using decent media, so probably won't wear it down enough to need sharpening
  13. zacoz

    Bullet photography

    Reminds me of the Mythbusters episode 34 where they shoot various guns into the water to see if diving underwater can help you survive being shot at. They used replica civil war rifle 9mm pistol M1 Carbine Shotgun 50 calibre rifle Surprisingly (for we gun ignorant people), it seemed the higher the velocity the better chance of survival, as the water shatters the higher speed bullets upon impact.
  14. zacoz


    Thanks...Many more planned
  15. zacoz

    hey file... where r u

    Thought you pretty much answered your own question anyway. If the file that you can't see is hidden, then unhide it (as opposed to changing an explorer option to show hidden files - not the same thing). Seems you / someone else must have hidden the file in the first place anyway , as I've yet to see any program that creates *.ISO files actually make them hidden once they're done.
  16. zacoz

    Donation suggestion

    Obviously LUK's decision, but it looks similar to Paypal, just a smaller client base (little over 1% of Paypal), less features, and it costs to both send and withdraw money.
  17. zacoz

    BenQ DW1640

    Anyone seen the BenQ DW1655 available in Oz ? I gather the difference between Retail & OEM (apart from the pretty box) is some free media ?
  18. zacoz

    Symantec caught using rootkit technology

    Wouldn't be surprised if a number of other system applications do similar - whether they own up to it themselves or not is the question.
  19. zacoz


    Noticed a few First Time Posters lately with post counts higher than the number viewable from their profile. Seems you've been kept busier than usual administering lately LUK. If you wanted to become an accepted member of the community, regardless of whether intending to post daily or annually, wouldn't you be a bit nicer in at least your first few posts.
  20. zacoz

    Verbatim DVD+R DL Coaster

    Didn't think of that Blu - now I've got to wait til Father's Day - darn it.
  21. zacoz


    Thanks Guys....had a pretty quiet one this year. @Junkie: My son reckons your HB graphic is "So Cool !" @Jack: Don't feel that bad myself. Must be my *cough* healthy lifestyle. @Blu: I note you haven't been around lately. Been too busy since Firey got home ?
  22. zacoz

    The Gunfighter

    OUCH #39;(
  23. zacoz

    Region Coding / DRM Backfire

    Don't you love seeing Region Coding and DRM back firing on a distributor / producer http://film.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,1683771,00.html Spielberg loses out at the push of a button From Jaws and Close Encounters through to War of the Worlds, Steven Spielberg movies have rarely had trouble connecting with audiences in the UK. But the man who put a capital B into the contemporary blockbuster, whose films have grossed billions and whose name is usually the stamp of glorious cinematic success, has been humbled. By a button. Pushed, it seems, mistakenly. This has had a profound effect on the director's latest opus, at least as far as the members of Bafta are concerned. By tomorrow they have to nominate the films they think worthy of accolade, and Spielberg's Munich was expected to be among them, tipped for awards both in Britain and at the Oscars But the preview DVD sent to the academy's members is unplayable on machines used in the UK. As a result the majority of Bafta's 5,000 voters will not have seen the film, due to be released in Britain on January 27, and can hardly be expected to recommend it for acclaim. Sara Keene at Premier PR, the company coordinating Munich's Bafta campaign, blamed the mistake on human error at the laboratory where the DVDs were encrypted. "Someone pushed the wrong button," she said. "It was a case of rotten bad luck." She insisted that the film's distributor, Universal, was not at fault. The problem, it appears, was partly down to teething troubles with the limited edition DVD players issued last year to Bafta members. Developed by Cinea, a subsidiary of Dolby, the players permit their owners to view encrypted DVD "screeners", but prevent the creation of pirate copies. Munich screeners were encoded for region one, which allows them to be played in the US and Canada, rather than region two, which incorporates most of Europe. The faulty DVDs only reached Bafta members on Saturday, which meant the film had already missed out on the first round of voting on January 4. In a further twist to the tale, a previous batch mailed out before Christmas were reportedly held up by customs officials in the UK. "It's been quite a cock-up," said one Bafta member, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We were promised that they were going to send screeners before Christmas, but they never arrived. Now we finally have a copy but there is no way we can watch it. "The general feeling among members is that the film has now been shut out of the nominations simply because not enough people have actually had the opportunity to see the thing." Having organised several London preview screenings of Munich before Christmas, Premier PR hastily scheduled three more for this week. "The trouble is that Bafta members are scattered all over the country," the Bafta voter said. "We're not all based in London." As arguably Spielberg's most controversial film to date, Munich is a dramatisation of the 1972 Olympic hostage crisis that resulted in the death of 11 Israeli athletes. The plot follows a hit squad from the Israeli secret service, Mossad, on the trail of the Palestinian Black September group behind the kidnappings. The film has been criticised by Israeli officials for what is perceived as Spielberg's sympathetic attitude towards the Palestinian cause, and for allegedly equating Mossad's actions with those of the terrorists. Reviews in the US have largely been positive. DVD screeners remain a vexed issue for distributors concerned about the potential for piracy. But the evidence suggests that they play a vital role in raising a film's profile among award voters. "There are over 5,000 Bafta members," Ms Keene explained. "With the best will in the world, they don't all come to the preview screenings. Unless you send them DVDs it is really hard to get a film nominated." This point was brought home last year when the distributor Entertainment took the decision not to provide Bafta voters with screeners of Million Dollar Baby. Clint Eastwood's boxing drama failed to gain a single nomination at the 2005 awards. One month later it scooped the major honours at the Academy Awards.
  24. zacoz

    Counter ?

    You not trying to take on Blu with his famous "EDIT" posts are you Burner ?
  25. zacoz

    Session fixation error writing leadin

    we ?? - Strange, how as this is your first post

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