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  1. zacoz

    Verbatim DVD+R DL Coaster

    I only dream of getting them at 40 cents
  2. zacoz

    Reason for Drinking

    No worms here
  3. zacoz

    Men & Women

    OH REALLY The response you get if you are dumb enough to tell her that her "five minutes" is equivalent to your "five minutes". This will be shortly followed by: GO ON (With Raised Eyebrows) Never let a conversation get to this point. It doesn't matter whether you now persist in trying to sell your statement or backdown and acknowledge defeat. You are now on a one way track to one of those arguments that end in "fine".
  4. zacoz

    Counter ?

    Sounds like your expectations are a little low there
  5. zacoz

    Five Rules for Men to Follow to Have a Happy Life

    _.-._ | | | |_ | | | | | | | | | | _ | '-._ | \`\`-.'-._; \ ' | \ .` / | |
  6. zacoz

    Letter From a Farm Kid

    Good one Junkie
  7. zacoz

    Something to Offend Everyone

  8. zacoz

    Killing Time

    You know, Security Officers have no sense of humour. #39;( It's alright though, I got to see what's behind that staff only door and they eventually let me leave the store - they were even kind enough to walk me to the door in case I got lost along the way
  9. zacoz

    Burn DATA DVDs or DATA CDs?

    I gather chewy is pointing out how ImgBurn is so lean & clean, compared to a number of other bloated programs. As to LUK! not commenting, I can understand that he may possibly get tired of posting the same response everytime someone posts to query / suggest this. A search would show that LUK! has previously indicated it will likely happen eventually (don't bother asking when). Personally, I appreciate the time LUK! spends posting in the forum answering all those questions most of the rest of us would have no idea about, rather than repeating himself. It would also taken time away from that spent on development etc. (!)
  10. zacoz

    Burn DATA DVDs or DATA CDs?

    Ok, you trying to convince us all of those girls were your girlfriends at some time I must have counted at least 200 different girls, and how do you get them to agree to do all those things ? Don't worry, I won't use them for any unknown purpose though - I'll give you a link to the website and free password so you'll know exactly the purpose I'm using them for PS.. You might want to start using a password on your system. Only joshing Wouldn't know how to hack into a wet paperbag
  11. zacoz

    when will the new version be available

    Isn't it nice to know we're the one constant in your life LFC
  12. zacoz

    when will the new version be available

    Yep, especially now said tester has learnt how to reboot his system
  13. You may want to check out this thread: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=569 - ironically only posted in the last day or so. I NEVER, EVER accept any hardware drivers suggested by Windows Update anymore. The couple of times I did, resulted in numerous problems. I ended up having to remove soundcard and network card, manually delete every trace of drivers for both from my registry and hard drive, then re-install them. I now only ever get the drivers from the manufacturers site.
  14. zacoz

    Burning multiple ISO images to one DVD

    I think the deafening silence is saying NO. The ISO's are likely for CD's - if so burn them to CD's.
  15. zacoz

    Who let the dogs out?

    We'll have to start a petition to get LUK! on Oprah now.
  16. zacoz

    Spammer Slapped with $11.2bn Fine

    Must be some pretty poor privacy laws there in Texas if a FOI request is all it takes to get a list of student email addresses from the University.
  17. zacoz

    NTSC or PAL Video ID

    I started helping out one of my female staff with some video compression & backup today. Seems I'll have to be careful pointing her to the forum here or I might be up on harrassment charges
  18. zacoz

    NTSC or PAL Video ID

    So are we Off Topic yet ?
  19. zacoz

    Using Graph in Microsoft Excel

    Glad I could provide some input. Send a slice this way
  20. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    Coming back on topic for a minute. Ran my usual Spybot scan (it's resident module is normally running all the time) and came up with a few cookies. Then ran ewido which discovered a inf registry entry for Comet Cursor (but no actual files etc) and more cookies. While it does appear to dig a little deeper than Spybot, I tend to think it's risk ratings are overdoing it a bit however. It flagged the Comet Cursor inf entry as High Risk - however on it's own it's far from that. The cookies it rated as Medium Risk - come on ewido, it's a tracking cookie, a text file, just like the one ewido placed on my computer when I visited their website. If cookies get a Medium Risk I wonder if anything actually receives a Low Risk rating by the program Will see how it goes over next couple of weeks.
  21. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    So chewy, you want to know if Jack hosts all his tricks ?
  22. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    Dangerous I know but couldn't resist taking a little liberty with the context here. Ready for my whipping now Jill
  23. zacoz

    is this for real?

    Gotta watch out for dem werfless websites gettin it all wong - dere worse dan da wascally wabbits.
  24. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    In my defence both kirk and kev start with K OK - piss poor defence Seems as it's now obvious who JT is - I will need to be very nice for a while
  25. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    Damn, don't tell me I've stuff things up and gone and given JT an identity crisis now

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