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  1. It's not the physical DVD which has the region coding, rather it's the DVD files themselves. Any software you would be using to author your DVD's will not apply any region coding to the files, so you don't have to worry.

  2. I'm wondering whether you've built the image without placing the DVD files inside a VIDEO_TS directory. ImgBurn will prompt you about this if you do so, but you may have answered 'No' which would result in all your IFO, VOB, BUP files being in the root directory. To check, simply put your ImgBurnt disc in and check through windows explorer.

  3. Hi Peter,


    Not sure I quite understand what you mean by "the stat's gets bigger" and "ImgBurn don't catch this second instance of imgburn".


    Are you refering to the ImgBurn.log file ?


    If so, then the logs from both burns should be saved once you close both instances of ImgBurn if you have the setting "Save Log" ticked and "Overwrite Existing" unticked under Tools --> Settings --> Events.


    If "Append Existing" is ticked, they will both be saved in the single "ImgBurn.log" file, or if unticked then there will be two log files produced e.g. "ImgBurn.log" and "ImgBurn(1).log"

  4. merrychristmassmlhv0.gif


    Merry Christmas to All



    man prices are expensive in OZ >_<
    lol - only paid $330 AUD delivered to the door, not the $599 list price (actually highest quote I got was $400)

  5. The next problem would then be tracking what had been burnt (backed up) and what was still to be done. That's a scary path to head down - especially if you're backing up the missus' PC and forget something before a clean format/re-install :o

  6. For free stuff, you can't go past ZoneAlarm for a firewall, AVG for anti-virus, Ad-Aware for spyware and Spybot Seek and Destroy for trojans/backdoors/dialers.


    EDIT: And get a router if you don't have one.


    Have you been looking at my system configuration Shamus ? I'm running all of these - although without memory resident modules for Ad-Aware & Spybot.


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