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  1. Ah, ok, I was a bit slow on thinking about dracula's sidekick ... maybe I need to go pull out Van Helsing again
  2. Seems the relationship to Australia is the fact that they've substituted a well known type of australian buscuit in the name. You could do that with any country - still doesn't mean that it's commonly practiced in that country. A masturbation race definately seems like something more likely to appeal to adolescence boys who don't quite understand finishing quickly doesn't make the girls happy.
  3. Explanation still doesn't help me get it - but maybe I'm just not very Can't see any different pronunciation between "algore" and "Al Gore", only thing I can think of is "all gore", but till don't get "taxula" linkage. You're right don't follow US polotics and obviously need to to get it.
  4. Hmmm, can't say I've ever gotten together with my mates for a game. A BBQ and beers is generally preferred to crowding around a biscuit.
  5. At present, you can't create additional folders within the build process - don't know if it's on LUK!'s to do list. You would presently need to already have the "website" files inside a folder named as such and the "ftp" files similarly inside an "ftp folder. i.e. W:\Website\*.* X:\FTP\*.* Then instead of adding the files, you add the folders. This will of course add all the files within these folders which may or maynot be an issue for you. If rearranging your files as such permanently is not an option, then i guess you could have the Website & FTP directories setup and within the batch file move the necessary files to the directories, build and burn, then move them back out to their original locations (or copy them there, and delete afterwards, leaving originals safely in their normal locations).
  6. zacoz

    ERROR! ??

    @avada It's generally better to start a new thread unless you're encountering EXACTLY the same problem - avoids confusion. But anyway, could you post the log (Help --> ImgBurn Logs...) from that failed burn - it contains heaps of information that can help the guru's here narrow down your problem.
  7. Sounds more like you saying to the Tennant, you can paint the door any colour you like, so long as I like it (without telling them what you like). That firmware issue is crazy, why should you have to wait until you happen to experience the problem it fixes before being able to get hold of it.
  8. I Need to replace the ink cartridges in my cheap canon S200SPx, and figured I'd look online to compare prices. Came across Spongeless Ink Cartridges - anyone used them, or heard what they're like ?
  9. I guess after well known/publicised/discussed issues of the past, and numerous posts here which have received responses as spinner's, some of us tend to get a bit tired of repeating the same old mantra. btw....posting profane or abusive material is also against the rules you agreed to when joining up - and doesn't help people forgive and forget as easily.
  10. Nice to know you're no longer a bogon db
  11. dbminter: ex-Beta Team Member :chair:
  12. No offense intended for stating what might be obvious, but are you running a hard drive intensive program in the background - e.g. p2p ?
  13. I would imagine that the burning could get screwed if you open windows explorer or possibly even just an open or save dialog in another program. On my system it tends to poll the optical drives to see if there's any media in there when I open explorer.
  14. Nah, only living relative I know of that aint a landlubber is my Dad.
  15. How do you know michaelb3917's an actor ???
  16. I like this bit best Boss
  17. Better way to protect files would be use good quality media and leave a little bit of a buffer at the end if you were really concerned (fill to only 98% or something).
  18. Yea, I was posting here as you were posting on the other one
  19. Really depends upon the settings / compression applied and output filesize.
  20. Multiple images and multiple posts. But seriously, no you can't burn 3 DVD images onto one disc and play it in a standalone player. You would need to either burn to separate DVD's, or if they are combined less than the size of the disc then I guess you could combine them into one DVD using something like DVD Remake Pro - don't know of any freeware programs that would do that though.
  21. Now MJ, that's not very nice - especially when Bill gave in and send you the picture of himself "out of uniform" only after you promised it was just for yourself. :&
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