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    X-Setup Pro

    I've used several prior versions of X-Setup Pro, and think I may have still be using it when the version 8 beta came out. Can't recall whether it was free prior to version 8 or whether I'd bought it. Having upgraded my system around the time I decided not to bother buying version 8. I was however always happy with it when I was using it, and found it the best of the tweakers I'd tried. It does (did anyway) provide an effective method of warning and protecting you from changing the really dangerous stuff. If you're looking for a tweaker, I'd certainly recommend considering it.
  2. zacoz

    media sale

    Can't say I've seen that Disc ID before Only ever had a handful of DVD+RW's, that date back to the days before I knew anything about anything. I generally use them for testing or short term storage, so haven't been worried too much about long term quality. Laser's - Disc ID: OPTODISC-OP4-01 Of which one recently started playing up - took a couple of attempts to format. Imation - Disc ID: PHILIPS-041-00 Only used a couple of times, so could be cactus and I wouldn't know it.
  3. It's hard to come up with another product type where so much of what's on the market clearly and consistently does not perform the job intended. The bulk of the disc companies simply rely on people not standing up for their legal rights and returning the faulty product.
  4. zacoz

    Go elf yourself

    Seems you've overloaded their server with your big The server response is a bit patchy and stops responding when you try to save.
  5. Can you post a log of the burn - just in case there is something there that jumps out at someone as unusual. From the menu, Help --> ImgBurn Logs will open the directory where the logs are stored. Error on the player is very specific however.
  6. 1.37 would be newer than 1.17 - Pioneer firmware does increase in numbering with newer versions.
  7. It's not just about the labels peeling off, from what I've read there are reports of them affecting the longevity of the disc itself - supposedly something to do with the glue. I've just stayed away from them myself. The speed you can burn at is dependant upon whether the drive firmware supports those particular disc's at that particular speed. Doesn't mean that they are mislabelled, but with the quality of some of those brands you mentioned, I'd hate to rely on any of them burnt in a drive that did support and burn them up to 16x. As polopony says "Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are the only way to go". They aren't really more expensive when you factor in the lack of coasters, and reburning of discs that have started to break down after a few years.
  8. Copy VTS_01_0.IFO and rename it. As the .BUP files are just BackUP copies of the .IFO's.
  9. No, it was supposed to say, "This message will self destruct in 2 seconds"
  10. zacoz


    How can you have a "backup" copy of a film you rented ?? Maybe if next time you rent it, it arrives scratched, then you can still watch it. Of course he wouldn't watch it without re-renting the original - would he ?
  11. Same issue here, may be a carry over from when the board was down yesterday. Looks like there's been an upgrade or something (posting box looks different). Probably have to wait for the Boss to check it out.
  12. I flashed to the official Pioneer 1.20b firmware without any problems, using DVRFlash. The latest version 2.2 is available from here I've since however downgraded/crossflashed with version 1.18 of the Piodata firmware so that I could get bitsetting on my +R's. Not sure which firmware revision the DL speed increase went above x4 though, so the Piodata is possibly not appropriate for you.
  13. zacoz

    Using Avatars

    @ex_elec_tech I've come across a few in my time. I've always been under the impression it's to do with the additional load on the server having to serve the avatars, when it's quite easy to have people host them offsite. The personal photo's are only accessed if you looks up someone's profile, i.e. fairly rarely, so the load for that is insignificant, compared to almost every message in every thread for the avatars.
  14. zacoz


    I heard they had to scrap the CMC MAG protection method also because the disc's weren't lasting the time it took for them to arrive through the post. Apparently now the rental disc's sense if you have a DVD ripper installed and transmit a message to the local mafia - who have been contracted to "send the boys around" That way they don't get the bad press of getting caught up in a DMCA court case.
  15. Good to see you're into recycling (jokes) LFC
  16. AVG shouldn't affect if so long as it hasn't kicked in with a scheduled full scan (it doesn't pop up, rather just shows an additional icon in the system tray when running a scheduled scan). You can check the schedule via the AVG control centre (double click on the system tray icon). I run AVG myself and it's never caused me a problem (I have full scan scheduling disabled though).
  17. As blu indicated above, maybe your drive is on the way out. As mentioned, we really need to see the log to minimise having to speculate on cause though.
  18. Never had that happen to me before. On the surface it looks like the buffers have been emptied and the hard drive is busy doing something else, so can't transfer enough data for the burner. Were you running other applications in the background (or foreground), or did your antivirus program kicking in and start performing a drive scan? With the Burn-Proof etc enabled these days it probably should be OK. Did you do a verify? Personally for the time it takes to burn a disc I usually limit what else I do on the PC to things with minimal hard drive usage (then that's probably left over from my burning days before burnproof).
  19. Thanks LFC, I've now got a mental picture I didn't need of polo in a miniskirt BTW, Shamus, where you buying from these days? Always used locally purchased Verbatims but been thinking of trying TY's seeing as my drive's been a bit finicky lately with the Verb's at higher speeds - actually burnt a couple of coasters.
  20. What program did you use to create the ISO file? Please also post the ImgBurn log.
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