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  1. Hope that should be WOULD use it, not COULD use use it LFC ? Can't imagine LUK making it difficult to use.
  2. I thought you guys were the beta testers - hadn't you heard it had been brought forward due to demand(hey if microsoft can do it). It's now the 29th February 2006.
  3. Thanks Spinner, that helped. No Probs BurnerFreak.
  4. zacoz

    best new anti malware

    You really shouldn't leave the door open like that Kev Never know what some bright spark will make of it. Besides, JT might get jealous
  5. The cops ? - That sounds more like a drug raid than a fire drill spinner
  6. @rolex: I have the same drive as you and find that Verbatim disc's work great. They really don't work out any more expensive either, as you won't be ditching any from bad burns.
  7. Nothing like covering one's bases chewy
  8. @slicepie: While re-iterating what the others have said - the ads are simply graphics built into the program (nothing sent back to or downloaded to update them), I did take a look at the file in Excel. As the .ibg file has significant header information and also contains comma separated graph values, you would need to have Excel running first, then use File --> Open from within Excel, choosing Files of Type *.*, then once selected the .ibg file choosing delimited (likely not the chosen default) as the file type then comma delimited during the text import wizard. The raw graph data on the log I'm looking at starts around line 42, however the speed is in the first column while the sector(?) list is in the second column. For excel to chart it correctly, you need to swap these around the other way - sectors then speed. You'll also need to add a heading above the sector list. Once they're in the correct order, highlight the 2 columns of data with the column headings, but be careful as there are lines at the bottom of the data that you don't want highlighted. Click the chart button, choose the XY scatter type of graph and the subgroup "scatter with data points connected by lines without points" then finish. You now have one very unimpressive graph that needs an aweful lot of work to tidy up. Personally, my time is worth enough that I'd rather: pay the registration fee for DVDInfoPro, or Download the free version each time it expires than mess around with graphing these in Excel. That's just me though. Each to his own. Hope this answers your question however.
  9. zacoz

    PSA 2

    Microsoft has gotten their finger out and released their patch early now - that's a first.
  10. What, taken to a hospital, treated and back to work - all in less than two hours. Damn - my visit to the hospital after my recent accident had me waiting 3 hours just to see the doctor, and the nurse only prelimmed my injuries for 5 seconds from behind a security glass enclosure. Pays to be a cop sometimes huh ?
  11. They test the emergency alarms here at work too. They give you the warning that it's just a test - then set them off. Funny thing is they don't actually come around to make sure the speakers or alarm actually worked on your floor.
  12. Haven't seen the bastard of a thing in a while. I suspect it was flattened by a car a few months back. Tragic. Hope you washed the evidence off the tyres
  13. Well going potty for the first time can be very a traumatic experience for some kids - they might be concerned about ending up with the sort of problems jmet has. Maybe they would prefer to take the easy way out.
  14. zacoz

    Lazy Leno

    The Green Fairy is supposed to do a lot more than that
  15. My identity crisis is getting worse First I'm dbminter and now I'm volvofl10 just don't anyone confuse me with jmet #39;(
  16. Could be worse - jmet out of his girlfriend's underwear
  17. Yep 2.6 Haven't checked the time vs reported speed - I 've trusted the speeds reported by ImgBurn Log of last burn done reports "Average Write Rate: 11,478 KB/s (8.3x) - Maximum Write Rate: 16,673 KB/s (12.0x)"
  18. zacoz

    Lazy Leno

    Tip (!) - Not likely. I'm still waiting for them to take my order and deliver my drink.
  19. @grampaw: Don't know anyone around here who minds helping out when someone such as yourself has made at least some effort themselves - which is obvious from your first post.
  20. So anyone heard whether Sony has exercised it's contract indemnity clause to sue the pants off F4I yet ?
  21. zacoz

    Freshen Up!

    @polopony: You're probably right, I can't recall the quality or otherwise of his extras. They were his shows / videos / whatever - no one was gonna steal his thunder. @lfcrule1972: Don't tell me you don't know the self proclaimed King of 80's TV/Video aerobics ? Actually I believe he is still deluding himself to this day, putting out new videos - how old must he be now. Are we OT yet
  22. Not up for going and looking myself right now, but (pretty confident that memory is serving me correctly here) LUK's recent posts on when will be out have been "when it's ready" and more recently "soonish". A proposed (but of course not set in stone) list of enhancements etc would be cool though.
  23. Got a Gigabyte GA-K8NS motherboard myself, using the same Nforce3 250 drivers - no major problems encountered. Only problem I had was that on swapping drives one time, system incorrectly reset DMA access to the slowest possible, even though it detected support for faster options. Manual override fixed it.
  24. That settlement's a joke - who's going to bother submitting validated claim forms (mentioned in this report) for that. What's a free download going to costs Sony (wonder if the artists will still get their share of the foregone revenue from the download ?) Compensation should at least include $$ equivalent ot the costs of having your system professionally backed up, O/S and applications reinstalled, and data restored.
  25. Common in Upper Class NY if Crocodile Dundee is to be believed too.
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