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  1. I reject your "still wrong" comment. Yes, ImageBurn, Nero and CloneDVD can run ISO files, but DVD players don't read and therefore play ISO images. My point from the beginning was that I needed to be able to burn/create home dvd playable files. When I used WinRAR to open the iso image, the image was of six .avi files which I was immediately able to convert with my VSO ConvertXtoDVD software to VIDEO_TS files, then join and burn to dvd using Nero 8 as playable. So as I said previously, I now freely acknowledge that the best thing about ImageBurn and similar software is that burning an image, allowed using a single file to contain six individual short movies, instead of the poster having to post each short for download separately. That is the magic of ISO.
  2. 1 yes, unless you burn them on a disc and watch on a standalone dvd player 2, No, you can mount the image on a virtual drive rather than burn it to a disc 3, No, you can view the contents of an ISO file and extract the contents. If the contents are an avi or xvid file you can convert them to DVD compliant. 4 people choose an .ISO file as it is just 1 file of a whole disc, rather than have say 500 picture files I think your missing what an ISO file actually is . an ISO or .iso file is usually a box,container,package of several files conveniently made into 1 file. it could be a DVD , or a bunch of pics from your camera or a load of mp3 music files, but it will be just 1 large file instead of a list of all the smaller files that make up that image . ( an "image" is a mirror copy of a disc or folder ect ect) . if you have an ISO Image file, its basically 1 large file which is an image ( mirror)copy of something ( something could be a cd a dvd. a hard drive a folder, anything you want really. and all you do is 1 of 3 things either burn it to a suitable size disc mount it on a virtual drive and view it OR mount it in a program like ISOBuster and extract the parts you want then save to your hdd wether you can convert an iso to dvd depends on what is "IN " the iso file . if its video, then yea, use the programs you mention and convert to dvd. if its a bunch of .jpg pictures, then you could make a slide show of the iso, if the iso image is a load of .doc letters, then you CANNOT make these into a dvd . for simplicty , call your iso image "a folder" instead. then whatever type of files you have put in the folder depends what you can and cannot do with them. IF you want to convert your iso/image/folder to VIDEO_TS folder, then as long as you have video content ( avi/xvid/divx) within that iso/image/folder then you CAN convert the it to dvd Again, thank you for your most able assistance. I apologize for the time and effort it has taken to educate me, but it was necessary and appreciated as finally...I get it. Using WinRAR, I have opened the image, extracted the dvd files, saved them to my hard drive and used VSO ConvertXtoDVD to convert them to DVD files. And I now understand why it is easier and more convenient to place a large video file on the internet for download as an image (.iso) file. Many dvd files are clips that are "stitched" together to make a compilation, and an iso image is a much more efficient way to deliver the content without first compressing it. Have a fabulous day!
  3. Finally! Thank you so much. I wish I had spoken with you from the beginning. YOUR reply speaks like a laser to video extraction and conversion, and is exactly the assistance I was looking for from the start. Have a fabulous day, Dialysis my friend.
  4. Eh? You burn the ISO in 'Write' mode... that's all you have to do. (Assuming the ISO was created properly in the first place) Then just close ImgBurn, open 'My Computer' and open up the drive you just burnt to. If opening (double clicking) on the drive doesn't open it as a standard folder (i.e. where you can see the files it contains in a normal explorer window), right click it instead and choose 'Open' off the context menu. When you've done that and can see which files are on the disc, tell us what you see. Take a screenshot if you don't want to type out the names. The ISO is not burnt as a file, each 2048 byes of the file represents a sector on the disc. So I guess in that sense, no you can 'view' an ISO. Once burnt in 'Write' mode (or mounted in a virtual drive program) you'll be able to 'view' whatever files it contained though. Thank you for your patience and assistance, but you keep dancing around the central issue. I can only infer from what you have said so far that since my only interest in .iso files is to produce viewable video files that I can add to my library, I should stop downloading .iso image files immediately and forever, because as .iso files are only image files THEY CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO VIDEO_TS FILES ABLE TO BE VIEWED IN ANY DVD PLAYER. You have described an .iso file that can only be viewed on my computer, therefore once again, I for the life of me, cannot see what is the point of such programs (at least for us "videophiles" When I mentioned that I have Nero8, ConvertX to DVD, AnyDVDConverter, etc., you did not address whether or not these programs that convert every other file type should be able to convert .iso to DVD. Now I see why...although you have not said it, it is clear that .iso image files cannot be converted to anything other than image files. So again I say...what's the point? Who wants to limit themselves to only viewing images on their computer...on purpose!? You could have answered my initial inquiry very succinctly by saying: 1. .iso files may only be viewed on your computer. 2. In order to even view the image, you must first burn the image in Write mode to be viewed on your computer 3. .iso images cannot be converted to any other viewable format. 4. There is no explanation why people choose an .iso format in spite of its limitations.
  5. Perhaps I wasn't clear. Once I have burned the iso file to dvd, the burn software (I tried it with ImageBurn, Nero 8 and CloneDVD2) says the burn to the dvd was successful. I then try to open the burned dvd by playing it, and the result is a message that says my dvd player cannot read the disk or the burned information is unsupported. My dvd player can read dvd +R and -R and can read and play DIVX. It is obvious that iso is a "container" format, but it is utterly useless if it cannot be read or converted into something that can be read. What I need to know is...is there something I am not doing that I need to do to the iso files that will allow them to be converted and burned as VIDEO_TS files, or should I be able to view and burn them as iso files able to be read and viewed by any standard dvd player? I can't tell you what I see in explorer because I can't access the files as iso files. That's why I am asking all the "should I be able to" questions. Then I can determine if there's something I am not doing, doing incorrectly, whether or not the files are incomplete, or if there's something wrong with my software. Paul.
  6. I have Nero v8 (latest) and Clone DCD2, both of which can burn ISO images. The problem is that the dvds that I have burned are not viewable on my computer or more importantly, my home dvd players. I have downloaded a number of dvd movies in ISO format, have attempted to burn them to dvd successfully, and have created a bunch of doorstops that are unplayable. Am I missing something? Do ISO files have to be converted to VIDEO_TS files before burning in order to be playable or even viewable? I also have VSO ConverX to DVD and AnyDVD Converter, but I see no setting in any of the conversion software I have that would convert iso to video_ts. What is the point of having or burning an iso image file if you can't view it? Yes I know that you can compress a large video file into a smaller image file, and that's probably why more and more video files on the internet are being made available in the iso format, but unless someone can explain why and how I can create a VIEWABLE file, I don't see any purpose for ImageBurn or any other similar program. HELP!!
  7. OK I still don't get it. I have Nero V8 (which appears to already include "ImageBurn?) and CloneDVD2. I downloaded ImageBurn standalone and have no trouble (it seems) burning an ISO image to DVD. The problem is that the DVD with the ISO image burned to it is not viewable by my computer DVD player or any of my home DVD players. I've created a group of doorstops. I don't get any error messages, I just can't view the movies (ISO images) that I have burned. Do ISO files have to be converted to VIDEO_TS files before burning? Will ImageBurn do this? I have ConvertX to DVD and AnyDVDConverter, but converting ISO files to DVD files doesn't appear to be one of their functions unless I'm missing something (not at all unlikely) :-). Should I be able to view ISO images as ISO files? My players all seem to be looking for VIDEO_TS files, and not finding them on the ISO image files I've burned to DVD, the players are telling me "don't even go there!" I need to resolve this because increasingly video files I download are coming in as .iso image files and as of now they are completely useless.
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