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  1. Many Thanks to ImgBurn for being much quicker than lots of other free or even paid for software. I'm currently (after not using ImgBurn, or other DVD burning software for a long time) resorting to attempting to burn some non-commercial DVDs on a public PC (my local library) as my current PC (Lenovo All-In-One) is in need of being repairand. One piece of software recommended is/was FreeMake, but it (and other free cr*p) takes and age to re-encode then burn ( (between 2 or 3 hours!). Why does this happen when ImgBurn does the same in like 10 minutes. Thanks again. CAR67
  2. car67

    ImgBurn burning PAL / NSTC

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I though the files would need to be re-encoded, but was hoping I could get around that time-consuming step. :-)
  3. I have a non-commercial DVD in the PAL format and want to make a copy for someone who uses the NSTC format. Can ImgBurn do this? If not can anyone recommend how I proceed. What I want to know is, is the format PAL / NSTC determined when the files are encoded or is it the format of the disk that's PAL / etc? I've been using ImgBurn for a few years and have checked the Options but don't see anything. Thanks.

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