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  1. Hello again :)


    Any chance I could mail you another version with some debugging info in it to help me?


    If so, please email me at the address in the programs 'About' box.


    Did you get my PM?


    I found a workaround to start the program - haven't actually used it yet. I run the program in compatibilty mode of NT4 + SP5 . For some reason this works. I have a problem with Nero Infotool that get's stuck, and this was a solution I found on one of the boards. I thought it might work here as well - and it does.

    Does this give you a clue?

  2. It's not bad RAM - it's the only program on my PC that does that.


    The program starts loading - the splashscreen with "Imgburn Loading...Please wait" and on top of it is the error window.

    If I click OK on the error window, the Windows error window comes up :

    Imgburn.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    When I click on the Close button another error window comes up:

    Access violation at address FFFFFFFF Read of address FFFFFFFF.

    Those keep coming up until I close Imgburn from the Task Manager.





  3. Not sure if it's a bug or incompatibilty issue - but I get "EAccessViolation" error when starting ImgBurn. I have to try a few times before it actually starts.

    Event viewer shows Event ID 1000: Faulting application imgburn.exe, version, faulting module imgburn.exe, version, fault address 0x000a78c7.


    Any ideas?

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