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  1. zara

    Data + Audio CD

    Righto I'll just find some other small program to do it for now
  2. zara

    Data + Audio CD

    I was wondering if imgburn is capable of making cd's with both audio and data stored on it. For example I would like to burn a bunch of mp3 files to a cd to play in a standard cd player, but at the same time have a folder of the actual mp3's them selfs on th same disc. If this is not possible then this would be a cool feature to add in the future. Thanks
  3. zara

    Small insignificant idea

    No problem, cheers for the reply
  4. Hi I really like the Ez-mode in Imgburn. It looks very nice and simple and helps make it quick and easy for me and my family to choose what mode to use for a specific task. Only thing is I am running vista and the icons used in Imgburn are based on XP. So I thought that it would be cool if people running XP would continue to see the same icons, but for people running Vista if Imgburn could use Vistery buttons. If this is something you can't be bothered with now or ever, I fully understand and quite frankly am not bothered by, just thought I'd ask Cheers
  5. zara

    Progress bar color

    Or make the progress bar thick and the two buffer bars thinner
  6. It would be cool if (well for vista anyway) the little drag and drop box used the areo look. So we (well vista users) have this nice looking translucent, blurry box with that cool streak look.

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