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  1. polopony

    I've been tricked

    CMC rears its ugly head again.I was going through storage and found my supply of mcc verbs also found a spindle of Ritek GO4's. Stuff I burned ages ago on the Go4's still play fine at least the couple of discs I threw in the dvd player did,I was amazed ,they must be 10 years old. I need a new computer to burn again this laptop is only good for surfing and playing solitaire
  2. polopony

    IMGburn toolbar header

    are some of the links in the help section dead ? clicking on help, from view guides to make a donation are not linking on my laptop the options below donations all work fine , is it just me or an issue with the site
  3. polopony

    Ask toolbar

  4. polopony

    happy birthday lfcrule1972

    Hey Happy Birthday ,are you coming to Florida this year?
  5. polopony

    Happy birthday polopony

    thanks to all for all the Birthday wishes been in the hospital for 6 months out of the past year but all looks good finally out on 04/22
  6. polopony

    Happy Birthday LIGHTNING UK!

    belated Happy Birthday UK see you all soon
  7. polopony

    Happy Birthday Kevdriver

    Happy Birthday Kev ,and all the others I've missed ,Im currently in the middle of nowhere and access is really a pain in the ass
  8. polopony

    Happy Birthday Jill

    just getting around to wishing you a Happy Birthday I know your 21st was better than mine I was on a military flight being shipped overseas, a dry flight I might add no alcahol Once again Happy Birthday
  9. polopony

    Happy Birthday Jill

    just getting around to wishing you a Happy Birthday I know your 21st was better than mine I was on a military flight being shipped overseas, a dry flight I might add no alcahol Once again Happy Birthday
  10. polopony

    Happy Birthday dbminter!

    Happy Birthday DB wondered where you got to awhile back ,tried to e mail you awhile ago gut it got bounced back ,glad to see alls well
  11. polopony


    belated Happy Birthday Donta
  12. polopony

    happy birthday polo and Firey

    thanks to all for the Birthday wishes .I'm currently stuck in a VA hospital for the past 2 months .All's well and hope to be released from here in the next couple of weeks Happy Birthday Firey
  13. polopony


    hey Snazz ,happy birthday mate wherever you are
  14. polopony

    Happy Birthday to a dirty (54 year) old man

    Happy Birthday bud
  15. polopony

    Just thought I'd say Hi

    a little late but Merry Christmas to you all.(flu is kicking my butt)
  16. polopony

    Just thought I'd say Hi

    hey Kirk ,sorry to hear about your dad but once the VA gets into the mix they give you great care ,at least this has been my experience with them hope all works out well
  17. polopony

    Newbie issue on rewrite

    post the log from IMGburn thats the fastest way to get help.They're stored automatically
  18. polopony

    Trying to burn ISO file!

    E 21:40:33 User attempted to burn an image file in 'Build' mode. try Write mode and by the way Memorex discs suck very unreliable Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden is the way to go
  19. polopony

    I/O error when burning DL

    its really not the brand (Fugi)thats important but the dye which is Ritek and not very good espeially bad when it comes to dual layer .Verbatim is the only good DL media and even now the Verb media thats made in India is suspected of being crap
  20. polopony

    I am a Beginner

    single layer disc = 4.38 gig capacity dual layer disc =8.5 gig capacity If the dvd you're trying to copy is a commercial dvd (movie ) with copyright protection then IMGburn will NOT read the dvd to your hard drive . Put your disc in the burner choose create iso from disc then post the log its the window below the main IB window ,simply copy and paste the info to your next post
  21. polopony

    can't get past " lead in"

    well it seems that you've solved the problem yourself like you suspected some programs like any DVD can affect IB also ,theres a warning when you go to write a disc about it in the IB log maybe this is another such program
  22. polopony

    Xbox360 and DL verb stops at 50 % ?

    updating your firmware is always a good idea, new FW handles the latest discs ,dyes ,fixes bugs and so forth. You can update your FW through IMGburn , right click on your burner in the Destination box and from the menu select the last line "check for firmware updates " click on that and take note of the version of your FW(2.40) click OK and you'll be taken to RPC1 site where you'll find the latest NEC official FW download it and flash your drive .Make sure theres no disc in the drive when you do.Liggy and Dee do some great FW's for NEC but I prefer originals when available . If you're unsure how to flash come back and we'll walk you through
  23. polopony

    I/0 Error on dell inspiron e1705

    start with the best media Verbatim and believe when a beta member tells you your media is not that great ,we've all been doing this for years and know whats what when it comes to drives and media CMC (memorex is one of the worst ,most inconsistent media there is ) For Dual Layer media Verbatim full stop.
  24. polopony

    Can't burn backup DVDs

    try Meritline.com
  25. polopony

    Help!!!XBOX360 Rom Burning Problem

    hardware fails thats a fact ,but the last good media Ritek made was their GO4 -R 3-4 years ago the GO5's and newer have been crap.Like LUK said give the Verbs a try worse case is its the drive but you'll still have some excellent media at hand

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