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    Newbie having issues

    I have, and it worked before . . . and there are four folders: EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, VCD. Maybe I'm just not meant to make VCDs
  2. balex003

    Newbie having issues

    Awesome! But I'll have to wait til after christmas . . . I know they got me one because I've been saying that I needed one for months now . . . .
  3. balex003

    Newbie having issues

    I don't have the money for a dvd burner so I'm stuck with CDs for now . . . a dvd burner is on my christmas list though . . .
  4. balex003

    Newbie having issues

    Hi everyone!!! I've got a bit of a problem and I'm hoping you all can help me out. Alright, I select the BIN file from my HD and then write the file like it says to in the guide . The disk burns correctly but when I go to play it on a DVD player, it gives me a bad disk or disk loading failure. I've tried it on two dvd players, so hopefully it's not both of the players. Oh yeah . . . I'm trying to make VCDs, not DVDS. I haven't upgraded to that wonderful piece of technology yet #39;( Is there something that I'm not doing right or am I just stupid?

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