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  1. Adlez

    imgBurn doesn't find my drive

    Looks like it already using the MS driver?
  2. Adlez

    imgBurn doesn't find my drive

    I installed them first time round. I've tried uninstalling and yes just installed the latest from viaarena. Didn't work either time. It doesn't surprise me though as this motherboard does seem crap. I was slightly annoyed when I saw that it only had 2 SATA ports. The only program I tend to use for burning is imgburn anyway.
  3. Adlez

    imgBurn doesn't find my drive

    I would invest but the drive worked flawlessly in Vista 32bit. I guess I would most likely just leave CloneDVD installed to get around the issue. I was just hoping that I was missing something silly.
  4. Adlez

    imgBurn doesn't find my drive

    The PC was built by someone else with no manual left. The chipset is from VIA. I have just read somewhere else to try uninstalling the VIA chipset drivers so that Windows uses its own inbuilt ones. This however hasn't worked. I will attempt to reinstall the VIA drivers. How do I find what 'controller' the drive uses? I know the mobo only has two SATA ports, one being used by the HDD and the other by the DVD drive. Forgive me as I am not a hardware guru in any shape or form
  5. Adlez

    imgBurn doesn't find my drive

    I've been looking around and I think the drive is related to Samsung. However any firmware update programs they have do not seem to see the drive. The drivers in use at the moment are all Microsoft ones. The drive connects to the computer via SATA.
  6. I've used imgburn for a long time. It's a fantastic piece of software. I recently moved from Vista 32 to Vista 64bit. Since then when I open imgburn I get the following error when opening... The FAQ suggests chaning the transfer length to 64KB but this doesn't make a difference. To me it looks like something core is missing from the Windows installation. The drive has always been found before with imgburn. Windows also shows the drive as a DVD RW. If I install CloneDVD and change the interface imgburn works fine. I would sooner not have to install other software though. All settings are defaults. Ideas? *Edit* For the record I have just installed Ashampoo and that too doesn't detect my drive. The drive is found in Device Manager as a "TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S203B", sounds like a crappy make.

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