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    Ripped videos don't work with anything

    Ok, I have Winrar so I'll be sure to try it out and see how it works. I'll look for a tutorial somewhere. And even though Alcohol 120% isn't free, 52% is. Blutach gets the "I'm cool because I like to make fun of people online because people make fun of me in real life" award for the day. COME ON DOWN AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! Thanks for being the most worthless help ever, buddy.
  2. redmonke255

    Ripped videos don't work with anything

    I turned off the link scanner in AVG. Thanks for not being as gay as the others and giving something helpful. Well, this product sucks anyways. I'll use Alcohol 120%.
  3. redmonke255

    Ripped videos don't work with anything

    And blutach, I guess you're some genius, huh. Because you obviously every program that has the option to save it as all files requires you to put in your own file extension, but I guess you know everything. Why don't you try it out you moron.
  4. redmonke255

    Ripped videos don't work with anything

    Ok, so you're saying that I can't make a .wmv or a .mp2 or a .avi with imgburn? Well, you'd be wrong, because I've been doing it for well over half a year now, and I used to be able to edit the videos, but now I can't. I mean, you haven't tried it? Pop in a dvd, hit read, choose the location and in the bottom where it says .iso, check all files, name the file and end it with .wmv. See what happens. And, yes, that is the definition of "ripping." I'm sorry, but I know my way around a computer, and if you guys have even used this product before and have some computer knowledge, then I'd expect you to know how to do this.
  5. I rip a video by using the disk > image, browse location, all files, .wmv or .mp2. I think it's using some weird codec or something, because I can't import the videos into Window's media player, movie maker, or upload to youtube. I can play it in VLC, though.

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