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    The road to version 3 of ImgBurn

    You are right. But there is a workaround. Presumably we did have an Erase option the software could prompt the user to choose the drive. Isn't it an oxymoron to select let's say a burning mode only to get to the point where drive selection is possible and then instead of burning do an erasing? Anyway, since there are plans for a new version these issues can be addressed. While on the issue, is there a beta phase? Is it public to forum users? How does this work? Can we contribute?
  2. pdavit

    The road to version 3 of ImgBurn

    Yes, but after a detailed search in the dictionary I couldn't find what Ez means. Well, I'm joking but you get the idea. The are 5 modes and 6 options in the initial screen. So, I guess we could also have an Erase option (not mode). A good approach IMHO. As long as the change comes some day. ;-)
  3. pdavit

    The road to version 3 of ImgBurn

    See?! Another "hidden" option. The Drive menu option is deactivated from the initial Ez-Mode menu (by the way what kind of mode name is that! Let's make thinks simple and obvious in the future). You have to make an option first to activate it. We could have easily have an option in the initial screen. None of the initial options is related to erasing but the option is there once one is selected. Weird isn't it? And "Create CD CUE file" in order to create compressed audio files to CD audio?! Seriously, there's a problem with terminology here. I feel like using a complex German machinery or something! ;-) Don't misunderstand my tone. I love this tool that's why I'm a little bit harsh on it since I care about it and its popularity. Let's make things simple, intuitive and obvious. On aspects like features, completeness, speed and reliability ImgBurn has already achieved perfection. The rest are far from perfect. Thanks also for the kind words and for the warm welcome. PS: That two well written pdf guides you pointed out can easily be ported in a chm file and accessible from the tool itself as a help file in the future. Take care.
  4. New here although not new to ImgBurn. I've seen in the official site that the author of the tool mentioned the latest version is the last maintenance and there is a plan for a new one. Any news on that? What's new planned for this version? Can we see a CD/DVD disk copy feature on the fly? Is it also possible to erase rewritten media? ImgBurn is perfect but in my opinion its power is hidden under its GUI. It's like you have to be the developer in order to know what each little button and element does. I suggest for the new version a revamped GUI where buttons apart from tooltips can also have labels. I only recently realised also that ImgBurn can actually create Video DVDs and can also convert compressed audio files into audio CDs. So, practically nothing's missing from the big rivals (and I'm not referring to MagicISO or PowerISO but even Nero since ImgBurn is a complete burning solution now and not just an image burning tool), other than the fact that it's not always obvious what ImgBurn can do. Why lose potential users by hiding ImgBurn's abilities? The Ez-Mode was a first step. Make the change for the rest of the tool. Thank you for your time.

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