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    Creaing an ISO from I00 and MDS files

    gotcha... so the MDS will automatically draw the other files on to the disk?
  2. Hey. Downloaded this program to convert my ripped DVD into an ISO format so that I can burn it to a DVD for my girlfriend's stepdad. Ripped it using DVD Shrink, and while I have used it a lot, somehow it didn't get made into an ISO directly so I now have 5 .I0 files (.I00, .I01, .I02, .I03, .I04) and a .MDS file. On the website it says this program can be used to compress them into a .ISO file so I can burn to a DVD. However, cannot find any tutorials on how to do this, and can't figure it out on my own. Any help? Search didn't seem to turn up anything.

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