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  1. Just to report that I have successfully burned an audio CD from the MP3 files containing a cover image in their tag. (I am reluctant to spend too much more time chasing the former problem, since I could avoid it by not including the image.) Also, I am not an expert in this area, so I prefer sticking to default set-ups (if they work). Anyway, I first tried the MPG123 . . . suggested by AliveNoMore. However, this was not recognized by Total Recorder, which I am using for the recording step in this process. So, for the above reason, I removed it. I then found that the K-Lite Codec Pack contains the more recent version of l3codecx.ax, so I installed the program (and confirmed through the Control Panel that the updated Fraunhofer filter had been installed), and burnt the CD successfully. I was not able to confirm directly which filter was used by IMGBURN, but an ffdshow icon flashed in the system tray, so I suspect that was actually the one being used. So, I have learned a little (enough to be a bit more dangerous?), and I thank the comments and suggestions you all have made. Bill M
  2. No. On the W2K system, it crashed once after burning 18 files (of 23), and a second time before burning anything (I was able to 're-use' the disk!). On the XP system, both crashes occurred after the 14th file. So it doesn't seem to have anything to do with any specific file. (Different amounts of system resources available when running the program???) I'll look for the new version of l3codecx.ax, but I probably won't have time to check it out for a day or two. Bill M
  3. Thanks for this. I forgot to mention above, that in each case (W2K and XP) a test burn ran with no errors. The crashes only occurred when actually burning. Do you know if the l3codecx.ax update applies to W2K as well?
  4. I have been using IMGBURN for a couple months to create audio CDs from tracks recorded from LPs. I have been adding tags to the MP3 files for IB to use to set up the CDTEXT info. Yesterday, IB crashed when I tried to burn an audio disk. (W2K SP4, up to date) I have the Dr Watson file; the error reported is Exception number: c0000005 (access violation). This occurred half or 2/3 of the way through burning 23 files. When I tried the burn a second time, the error was repeated. I also tried burning with my laptop (XP SP2), with similar results. The XP error report gives an error signature: App - imgburn.exe, AppVer -, Modname - l3codecx.ax, Modver - I had included the cover image in the MP3 tags, since I intend to use them on my MP3 player, as well. However, I then recalled that I had had a problem earlier with an MP3 file with a cover image included in the tag. After removing the cover images from the MP3 files, the burn was successful. The cover images are jpeg files, just over 100 kB in size, with the MP3 files around 3 MB. I am not providing detailed data since this may be a known problem. However, I would be able to provide some details if that would be helpful. Bill M
  5. Solved. There was an error in the input CUE file, as pointed out by LIGHTNING in the thread Audio CD Puzzle - 2. When this was corrected, the CD burnt OK.
  6. It should be: Good eye! Solved the problem, and also the one I posted as Audio CD Puzzle - 1 on 31st August 2008 - 01:18 PM. Once again, proof that "Computers do exactly what you tell them to do, especially when you're wrong!". Thanks for your help with this, and for your excellent program. Bill
  7. Here's both files zipped. testlog.zip Hi LIGHTNING, Can you find anything amiss in these files? Thanks for your help.
  8. Here's both files zipped. testlog.zip
  9. Yes, as stated in my first post, the CUE file for the same input files, but with one track per file, 'burned' OK (in test mode). I have been running these trials in test mode, to avoid wasting CDs. Will that be OK for the debug mode test?
  10. Here it is. I see that the LBA values differ by 2 starting at track 12, which is the start of the second file.
  11. Faststone Capture - Capture scrolling window - does the trick!
  12. Attached is a screenshot of the Image Information screen. Also, following is the log file. I 20:37:55 ImgBurn Version started! I 20:37:55 Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 20:37:55 Total Physical Memory: 1,038,320 KB - Available: 651,868 KB W 20:37:55 Drive R:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size. W 20:37:55 Drive T:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size. I 20:37:55 Initialising SPTI... I 20:37:55 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 20:37:55 Found 1 DVD
  13. I can get at this with the right-hand button next to the Create CD CUE File button, correct? When I do that, the resulting data in the Image Information window cannot be copy/pasted. How do you suggest I send this data?
  14. While looking for solutions to the problem described in my previous post, I tried to see if I could burn the CD on my laptop system (IMGBurn, Win XP Home sp2) to see if the problem was hardware related. This involves a cue sheet including information for 27 tracks in two files. In this case, after analyzing the two audio files, IMGBurn stopped with a 'Failed to send Cue Sheet!' error. Obviously, the cue sheet was accessed, since the program recognized the two audio files. I also tried a simple cue sheet, giving a single track starting at 0 for each of the files. This proceeded (in test mode) without the error. Is there an explanation for this?
  15. I have been using IMGBurn (v2.4.2.0) for several weeks for transferring LP music to CDs. (Win2K sp4 system, using Total Recorder) I recently recorded (FLAC format) an opera LP (Amahl & the Night Visitors), which is not divided into bands. I decided to try the cue-sheet procedure described in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet_(computing) to insert tracks into the two single files. So I have a cue sheet for two files (one about 20 min in length, the second about 27 min), with the first having 11 tracks and the second 16. There is no problem shown in test mode, but there is with two of the tracks in the first file when I burn the CD. There is no problem with the longer second file. The CD verifies showing no problems. I also tried converting the FLAC files to MP3 and to PCM (WAVE) with the same results. I split the problem file into two sections just prior to the problem section with the same results. I shifted the track start times for the problem tracks with the same results. In a bit more detail, here is part of the log file for the WAVE burn. I 16:51:03 Writing Track 8 of 27... (AUDIO/2352, WAVE, LBA: 64950 - 69599) I 16:51:09 Writing Track 9 of 27... (AUDIO/2352, WAVE, LBA: 69600 - 77624) I 16:51:17 Writing Track 10 of 27... (AUDIO/2352, WAVE, LBA: 77625 - 86249) I 16:51:27 Writing Track 11 of 27... (AUDIO/2352, WAVE, LBA: 86250 - 93749) However, after the burn, these tracks are listing in the right-hand information panel (TOC) as Track 8 (AUDIO, 01:02:00, LBA: 64950-69599) Track 9 (AUDIO, 06:18:00, LBA: 69600-97949) Track 10 (AUDIO, 954434:34:46, LBA: 97950-86249) Track 11 (AUDIO, 01:40:00, LBA: 86250-93749) Similar results were found for all of the trials listed above. Note that track 11 is the last track in the first file, so that the end of track 9 is shown as extending past the file end. Is there an explanation for this behaviour? (I can provide more information, if necessary.)
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