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  1. ImgBurn has nothing to do with ripping so we don't descuss ripping problems on this forum. Your problem may be on with other tools used to do this so do your search on your own. Since ripping it is considered illegal in most of the countries you'll get no help here with this.
  2. That doesn't matter on modern players. For older players you should use DVD-R for a better compatibility.
  3. Those drives seems to be picky. The don't like the disc you are using. Try some other media. Recommended are Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.
  4. That's just a player setting. Play one file than stop or Play all files (or something similar if the player has support for playing files).
  5. Here's some info about BD-R capacity http://www.hughsnews.ca/faqs/authoritative-blu-ray-disc-bd-faq/9-disc-capacity
  6. I wanted to write "There's no Video_TS folder available." Corrected. Thanks.
  7. There's no Video_TS folder available. That's not how it works. Use DVD Flick or DVD Styler to convert your files to standard DVD Video files (VIDEO_TS folder).
  8. Do you see the content in Explorer? What software player are you using to play the disc? Are you using some version of Windows (N)? VLC should play the discs if you don't have Windows Media Player. Video DVD only needs VIDEO_TS in reality but AUDIO_TS is there for the standard compliance. It can be populated if you build an Audio DVD though.
  9. Just an addition. CD is write once, that's it. CD-RW you can reuse it anytime
  10. Isn't there an option in the DVD recorder to finalize the disc? I know that such a feature exists in DVD camcorders. Look in the manual.
  11. Nice that it worked for you. Glad I could be of help.
  12. In admin CMD run this line powercfg /hibernate on
  13. See the BIOS for “Suspend to RAM” should be "Auto" In admin CMD run this line powercfg -availablesleepstates It should say if the Hibernate is available or not on that system.
  14. Try this: Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Sleep > Allow hybrind sleep Setting: from ON to Off
  15. I still have one disc left of 90 MIN/800 MB. It's a PrimeDisc CD-R 90 24x. I really don't know if I will ever use it.
  16. Isn't this the old problem with the "artwork" present in the mp3tag?
  17. As I know VLC can open and play ISOs from DVDs isn't it? Also you could use VirtualClone Drive to mount the ISO.
  18. Welcome. Enjoy the program and the forum.
  19. Does this help you ? http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-win.html
  20. Yeah. Lightscribe more and more hard to reach. I used to use lightscribe but since the discs are hard to find I moved on and bought a Canon Pixma iP7250 that print on discs. Now the discs have more colour and professional look. The lightscribe has its own feel in the way that it looks and the black and white shades looks great but it takes so long to print one disc in the drive, almost 30 min at full contrast. I think that was the problem of not being so popular and its time to move on. R.I.P. Lightscribe.
  21. Does the AutoPlay window come up when you insert the disc? Other disc with autorun works? Try one of the Drivers disc from motherboard or something. Try fixing Autorun problems with FixIt http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967715 Oh, if you have some other disc burning programs can interfer with this. Easy CD Creator is one of them.
  22. Are you sure autorun.inf is "as is" not autorun.inf.txt? Windows default is to hide the file extension. So if you created the file in Windows with extensions hidden you might get with autorun.inf.txt. How is it look the icon of the file? Does it look like a gear on a page? Can you post a pic with them?
  23. As I understand Avidemux will use I-frames to cut so it's not what you want as it's not frame accurate when you are not reencoding. (SmartCopy) I think you should insist with Virtualdub and AviSynth, just need to fiind the correct filter that allows you to work with your file.
  24. Do you have Autorun enabled in the system for that drive? Assuming the autorun inf is correctly made and ask for setup.exe/install.exe or how you name the starter file it shoild work.
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