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    ImgBurn only erases disc index in full mode

    Alright,i understand your point.But the drive is fine and right now i am successfully erasing a written RW with CDRWin which fails in Nero and ImgBurn in full-erasing mode.So i honestly dunno whats going on ... Edit: Its software related!The applications (also tested a tool called Active DVD Eraser) only erase a disc in full mode,when its fully written with data.When its quick erased it then can be reburned fully but not erased in full mode!So actually there must be some information stored after quick erase which tells the applications that theres no need to erase the complete disc.
  2. ButterFLY

    ImgBurn only erases disc index in full mode

    Surely i am not at all as familiar and experienced as LightUk but IHMO these problems are software related.I'll test my drive and will come up with the results later on today.Yesterday night i started collecting and testing some things with some new Verbatim RW discs and encounter these "quick erase" problems mostly when: - Nero runs into energetic calibration errors - out of no where.Then again after erasing another disc the same disc which fails before now works again. - erasing a RW in quick mode - burning discs using CDRWin Sometimes these discs work flawlessly after full erasing in CDRWin,burning 4gb of data in Nero and erasing again in Nero in full disc mode.So i assume it has something to do with the issue LightUK mentioned: "they're clever enough to not need a full erase if it's already empty and so will just do another quick" even though its not empty.And all discs i deleted have 4gb storage data on it and still dont get erased in full mode.Since the quick erase is successful in all tested applications i doubt my drive has something to do with it. Shouldnt a disc in full mode gets erased no matter what mark or information on the disc index is set?! greets
  3. ButterFLY

    ImgBurn only erases disc index in full mode

    Dunno My drive is beeing working fine since now.Never had any problems but thanks.
  4. ButterFLY

    ImgBurn only erases disc index in full mode

    Hiya Why is this in 'bugs' if all programs do it?! ohh also informed the other authors about this issue and called it a "bug" cause complete disc not gets erased How long does it take to erase it? only 1-2mins What makes you think it's only taking the 'index' away? 1) because usualy it takes about 15-19mins to erase a disc in full mode 2) you can see it by flippin' the disc that the laser did not finished the disc even though the application says "erasing successfully completed" greets
  5. Hi Light.Uk, great to see you back with a new prog Maybe you know whats going on with the following problem.I have a Plextor DVDR PX-716A fw: 1.11 and try to erase a DVD-RW Verbatim in full disc mode.Since the day when i erased the disc with Nero in quick mode all programs i tried so far (CDRWin,Nero and now also ImgBurn) only erase the disc index (quick erase) and not the complete disc even though erasing full disc is selected.Can that be fixed? BR Butt

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