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    Full Erase of DVD+RW DL disc

    Found the problem. When I bought the discs, there was no outside label on the spindle (10 pack at good ol' Fry's Electronics). I looked at the disc and saw the little RW symbol thinking that meant it was Re-Writable. The RW was apparently a symbol created by companies who didn't want to pay royalties to the DVD-R format people, and put onto discs to try and represent the disc as rewritable without having the actual DVD+RW DL in the title. From what I've read on several sites, it caught a lot of people off-guard. And it appears I was one of them. Guess I just burned an expensive coaster. I'll be more careful next time. Thanks for the help. Your replies pointed me in the right direction for information. Regards.
  2. 12o

    Full Erase of DVD+RW DL disc

    That's write-once media (the RW image misleads a lot of users). Does your project really need dual-layer media? Oops. Actually, that's supposed to be "Memorex DVD+RW DL". I'll change it in my post above. And my project ISO image is 6 GB, so it won't fit on a single layer DVD. But that isn't the problem I'm having. I actually burned the image to another Memorex DVD+RW DL DVD and the image burned just fine. The problem I am having is with the erasing of the DVD, not the burning of the image.
  3. Sorry if this was already posted. I searched through the forum and the guides looking for an answer. I have a DVD+RW DL disc and attempted to burn an image. While my laptop was burning the disc, something happened and Imgburn was unable to successfully finish the disc (buffers ran down and the program errored out). Since the disc is a rewritable one (as indicated with the "RW" on the package and the disc itself), I chose to do a full erase of the disc. I selected "Tools >> Drive >> Erase Disc >> Full" and clicked 'yes' on the message asking me if I was sure. I was then presented with a list of media types: CD-RW DVD-RW DVD+RW DVD-RAM BD-RE HD DVD-RW HD DVD+RW Naturally I chose the DVD+RW option, and Imgburn read the size as 4,976,148,480 bytes. The drive begins to erase and reached 64% before the drive stopped spinning and Imgburn hung in the Disc Erase window for about an hour and a half without accessing the drive again. I canceled the erase, which then kicked me back to the menu. I then chose the quick erase option which immediately spit back an I/O Error ("Interpretation: Cannot Format Medium - Incompatible Medium"). When I attempted to use the full erase option, it keeps telling me "Disc Not Empty" and no longer attempts to erase the disc. The data is still on the disc as if it were never touched. I've burned DL images onto DL discs with Imgburn before, so I figured that Imgburn supports Dual Layer discs. So, using the erase menu above, which option do I use to erase a DVD+RW DL disc of all its data? Can someone point me in the right direction where I can find how to erase a DVD+RW DL disc? Imgburn is up-to-date. Laptop: HP Pavilion dv9xxx OS: Windows Vista Home Drive does support Dual Layer discs and burning Media: Memorex DVD+RW DL with the little RW image on it Any more information I need to provide? Thank you very much ahead of time for help on this. Regards.

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