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    Queue Error w/ Delete Image Selected

    Just wanted to pass along a little bug I came across. When using the image queue feature with the delete image after burn selected, it will delete the image after the first image is burned even if you have a quanity selected, instead of after all the burns are complete for that image. Just wanted to pass that on to you Lightning. Keep up the great work!
  2. Excellerator

    imgburn vs nero or other burning software

    I have been a DVDDecrypter user for years now and I was sad to see it go, but I am glad to see that you are still writing. It would have been a shame to see such talent go to waste! Your donation was sent!!!! Keep up the good work, always look forward to seeing whats next from you.
  3. Excellerator

    imgburn vs nero or other burning software

    That feature looks like a real time saver. Just a question though, I notice that it allows you to select the number of copies. Is this per ISO or for the whole group? Say if you want 3 copies of one .ISO and 2 of another but yet 1 of another, is this possible? If not yet, maybe someday? EDIT: Or is it possible just to simply add the same ISO more than once. Just thinking about that after I posted.
  4. Excellerator

    Family DVD Copying

    I agree this feature would be nice. At work we do a video transfer service to transfer home movies to DVD (using a stand alone DVD Recorder) and most of the time the customers want additional copies of that DVD. As of now, we using the "old" standby to easily make duplicated without all the bloat of Nero and other programs. Not doing anything illegal just doing it easier. I think Imgburn would be perfect for this use too. Also please add the ability to do CD burning also, something the "old" standby never did do.

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