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  1. The answer to the development question is the same as when it was asked about dvddec...Not even a slim chance of it happening. You can get these things to run via WINE but it takes a lot of tweaking. Depending on what distro you use of linux will set the level of difficulty to setup and run. I prefer using slackware/debian although I have used freeBSD on and off. Have you tried using lindows or something of that ilk?

  2. Great :thumbup: I have a 2500 myself so maybe you could post the link to the firmware .I haven't used it in awhile I use a 3500 with awesome results


    Yep :)


    I got the firmware from here: http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/2500/


    On my 2500a I used "Dee's ND2510 modified firmware 2A5C" - "Orig" (Because I don't know what "Fast" or "RPC1" are).


    It worked for me. And fixed my problem :)


    A big thanks to Liggy and Dee from CDFreaks :thumbup::D :D


    Fast - Unlocked ripping speed, I think it is locked to 2x by default (don't hold me to that!)

    RPC1 - Essentially the drive is region free, thus meaning you can play region dvd

  3. Remember, people, 2006 doesn't start exactly when you think it will. This year is a leap second year. A leap second must be added to the clock at precisely 23:59:60 on December 31st. ;)


    I'll try to remember this after the copious amounts of alcohol I will be consuming that evening :beer:

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